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  1. The FRx Infant/Child Key for the HeartStart FRx AED is Essential to Have on Hand!

    The FRx Infant/Child Key for the HeartStart FRx AED is Essential to have on hand! Order for your HeartStart FRx AED today!

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  2. The eLifeguard.com® Child's Life Vest is a USCG Approved Type III Vest!


    The eLifeguard.com® Child's Life Vest is a USCG approved type III vest! This vest is designed for children weighing 30-50 lbs and has two adjustable belts and an adjustable leg strap. Made from durable Crosstech® flotation foam, this vest provides excellent flotation for most purposes.

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  3. The Extrication Collar - Child Collar is an Essential Immobilization Product!


    This Extrication Collar - Child Collar is an essential immobilization product! It is compatible with most spine boards and head immobilizers. Three adjustable positions and soft inner material make for a quick right-sized, customized , and comfortable fit. X-Ray Translucent non-metallic material can be penetrated by X-Ray, CT-Scan, MRI.

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  4. The Child Protection Seat is Important to Have in Aquatic Facilities!

    The Child Protection Seat allows for an upright and secure wall seat to place your child in safely. This is important to have in aquatic facilities and other facilities!

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  5. Child Head Immobilizer is a Must-Have!

    The Child Head Immobilizer is for use with backboard for complete head immobilization. Features coated foam pillows that cushion while holding head and neck firmly in place. Specially made to fit children & has a tough wipe-clean surface. This Child Head Immobilizer is a must-have!

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  6. State of the Art Lifeguard Bag Receives Patent Pending Status!

    Lifeguard First Responder Bag

    To See A Video of the Lifeguard First Responder Bag, Click Below:

    Unmatched in the industry, this state of the art lifeguard bag received patent pending status! Finally a first responder bag that is labeled and ready to go! Durable water-resistant polyester. Dimensions: 22"” x 16"” x 12"”. No more guessing what each pocket contains. With the large print on each pocket, it is easy to identify the contents of each compartment.

    Pockets Hold:

    1. OXYGEN
    2. AED (Item #23300)
    3. SUCTION
    4. ADULT BVM (Item #34X)
    5. CHILD BVM (Item #34X)

    All Items are sold separately.

    Patent Pending

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