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  1. The Lifeline Throw Bag is an Important Product to Have on Hand!


    The Lifeline Throw Bag is an important product to have on hand! It includes 50 ft. rescue line, integrated strap and side release buckle. Constructed of rugged bright orange, UV-resistant 600-denier polyester. Easy to understand and implement directions with graphics printed on the outside. Order for your facility today!

  2. The Ambu® Spur II Bag Resuscitator (Adult) is a Must-Have!


    The Ambu® Spur II Bag Resuscitator (Adult) is a must-have! It features a SafeGrip™ surface for secure handling in stressful environments, unique single-shutter valve system for reliable functionality and fast recoil time allows for rapid ventilation. Its ergonomic, lightweight design makes extended ventilation less fatiguing. Includes mask and transparent storage bag.

  3. The Small Lifeguard Duffle was Designed Specifically for Lifeguards!


    The Small Lifeguard Duffle was designed specifically for lifeguards! The water-resistant material helps keep your items dry! Comes with Lifeguard logo making this the perfect duffle for lifeguards!

  4. The High Tide™ Tote is Ideal for Lifeguards on The Go!

    The High Tide™ Tote is perfect for carrying lifeguard essentials! This reusable woven bag made from 100% Cotton is both stylish and functional. Ideal for lifeguards on the go!

  5. This SUP Paddle w/ Paddle Bag is Just What You Need for Your Stand Up Paddleboard!

    Are you looking for a quality paddle to use with your Stand Up Paddleboard? Then this SUP Paddle w/ Paddle Bag is just what you're looking for! The Paddle Bag keeps your paddle safe and makes it easy to carry with your paddleboard!

  6. The Lifeguard Equipment Duffel Provides a Convenient and Functional Way to Carry Your Lifeguard Equipment!

    Are you a lifeguard looking for a convenient and functional way to carry your lifeguard equipment after a long day at work? The Lifeguard Equipment Duffel is just what you need! Its unique ventilated mesh design allows equipment to dry and air out and includes a LIFEGUARD imprint making this the perfect duffel for lifeguards!

  7. The DryPak Waterproof Duffel Bag is Perfect for Lifeguards!

    The DryPak Waterproof Duffel Bag is perfect for lifeguards! With lots of room for storage of first aid equipment and items that need to stay dry, you can't go wrong!.There are no leaky sewn seams to seal and the molded bottom adds structure and protection to contents. Perfect for lifeguards or anyone that need to keep their items dry!

  8. The Lifeguard First Responder Bag Replacement Straps are Great to Have When Needed!

    The Lifeguard First Responder Bag Replacement Straps are great to have on hand when it's time to replace the straps! Don't wait until it's too late, order these to have ready when needed! The Lifeguard First Responder Bag is unmatched in the industry and having replacement straps available is essential!

  9. The Lifeguard Fin Bag is Perfect for Carrying Your Fins Before and After Use!

    The Lifeguard Fin Bag, made of 100% Quik™ dry Nylon with mesh front is perfect for carrying your fins before and after use! Features include an adjustable shoulder strap with pad, zippered inside pouch, plastic key hook and Lifeguard logo imprint. This Lifeguard Fin Bag is ideal for Lifeguards!

  10. The Lifeguard Equipment Bag is the Ideal Bag for Lifeguards!

    Having trouble finding the right bag to carry your Lifeguard equipment after being in the pool or ocean? The Lifeguard Equipment Bag is the perfect solution! Features 100% Quik™ dry Nylon mesh, shoulder strap cord with lock and Personal ID tag with lifeguard logo making this the ideal equipment bag!

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