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  1. This High Quality Lifeguard Twill Visor is Perfect for Lifeguards!


    This high quality Velcro-fit low profile Lifeguard Twill Visor is Perfect for Lifeguards! Features washed heavy cotton, pre-curved bill and embroidered "LIFEGUARD" included!

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  2. With this Stylish Lifeguard Flex Visor, You Can't Go Wrong!


    With this stylish, high quality stretch-fit low profile twill fitted Lifeguard Flex Visor, you can't go wrong! Features premium durable washed cotton, pre-curved bill, and its flexible fit comfort elastic sweatband provides comfort and durability. Includes an embroidered "LIFEGUARD" logo making this an ideal visor for lifeguards!

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  3. This Lifeguard Visor is Ideal for Any Lifeguard!


    This high quality low profile twill fitted Lifeguard Visor is ideal for any lifeguard! Featuring premium durable washed cotton, pre-curved bill, adjustable Velcro® closure and embroidered lifeguard logo.

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  4. Lifeguard Flexfit® Visor is the Perfect Lifeguard Visor!

    The Lifeguard Flexfit® Visor is a high quality stretch-fit, low profile, twill fitted Lifeguard Visor! Features such as washed cotton, pre-curved bill, flexible fit comfort elastic sweatband and embroidered lifeguard logo make this the perfect lifeguard visor!

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  5. High Quality Stretch-Fit Lifeguard Flexfit® Visor is Ideal for Lifeguards!

    The high quality stretch-fit Lifeguard Flexfit® Visor is ideal for lifeguards! Adjustable on the outside, Flexfit Tech on the inside and features mini pique, Cool & Dry fabric for moisture wicking & quick drying with elastic flexloop attached to hook & loop closure for unparalleled comfort!

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  6. Lifeguard Visor Keeps Cool!

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    Lifeguards are always looking for ways to stay cool. The Lifeguard Xtreme Cooling Visor is exactly what Lifeguards need to stay cool. By using the slow or passive evaporative headliner in the band of the visor Lifeguards will be up to 20 degrees cooler than the ambient temperature. The outer layer of the visor is made of 100% lightweight breathable material which wicks away the heat while the evolutionary RXG liner slowly evaporates keeping Lifeguards cool.

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  7. Hats Off To Lifeguard Visor!

    Hats Off!

    Lifeguard Hats of all kinds have always been an important part of a Lifeguard's Uniform. They help protect the Lifeguard's face from harmful UV Rays and give them enhanced vision in bright light conditions. A Lifeguard Visor provides both of these benefits while also allowing the head to breathe, and gives Lifeguards more hairstyle options.

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