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  1. The Lifeguard Hoodie™ Sweatshirt Makes a Great Addition to Your Lifeguard Uniform!

    The Lifeguard Hoodie™ Sweatshirt makes a great addition to your Lifeguard uniform! Made of 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester blend, providing the ultimate in softness and durability! "LIFEGUARD" imprint on front and back makes this hoodie perfect for any Lifeguard!

  2. Complete your YWCA Lifeguard Wardrobe With This YWCA Lifeguard Hoodie™ Sweatshirt!

    Complete your YWCA Lifeguard wardrobe with this YWCA Lifeguard Hoodie™ Sweatshirt! Features 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester blend which provides the ultimate in softness and durability, relaxed fit, hood and "YWCA lifeguard" imprint logo on front, "lifeguard" - imprint on front and back! Make this hoodie part of your YWCA Lifeguard wardrobe today!


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    It is essential that lifeguards stay warm at all times during the cooler months. Lifeguards like other athletes need to be ready to utilize their muscles at a moments notice. In order to prevent injuries lifeguards must maintain a consistent body temperature to be able to perform without experiencing strains or cramping. Also, lifeguards are often susceptible to lower immunity when in the elements and need to prevent susceptibility to illness by maintaining core body temperature.

  4. Lifeguard Jacket Is A Real Windbreaker

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    It's getting cold outside and you need a Lifeguard Windbreaker to warm you up. Lifeguard Windbreakers, Jackets, and Hoodies are a great way to keep your core temperature up and let patrons know that you are the Lifeguard.

  5. Lifeguard Hoodie

    Warm Up!

    Feeling the winter chill? Warm up with a cozy Lifeguard Hoodie! Lifeguard print on both front and back.

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