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  1. Lifeguard Waterman™ Board Shorts are Ideal for Lifeguards and Aquatic Professionals!

    The Lifeguard Waterman™ Board Short's unique polyester stretch fabric flexes with the movement of your body and dries quickly. Features include Velcro®-free fly, on-seam zippered Quik™ drain, lifeguard pocket, surfboard waxcomb and embroidered lifeguard logo, making them ideal for lifeguards and any aquatic professional!

  2. NEOSTRETCH® Board Shorts are the Ultimate in Comfort and Style!

    If you are looking for something unique and comfortable to complete your Lifeguard uniform, the NEOSTRETCH® Board Shorts are the perfect shorts for you! Their exclusive proprietary NEOSTRETCH® fabric flexes with the movement of your body & dries quickly. The unique polyester & spandex blend offers the ultimate in comfort & style!

  3. Classic Board Shorts Especially Designed For Women!

    If you're looking for a Classic Board Short especially designed for women, then look no further! The Women's "Classic" Board Shorts are just what you're looking for! Featuring a Quik™ drain Velcro® lifeguard pocket with stitched drain hole, Double-stitched elastic/drawstring waist, 100% chlorine-resistant nylon and includes embroidered lifeguard logo.

  4. Surfer™ Board Shorts Are The Way To Go!

    Whether you're looking for a long surfer style Board Short or just something new to add to your Lifeguard wardrobe, these Lifeguard Surfer™ Board Shorts are the way to go! Made of strong, soft 100% Polyester Microfiber, does not retain water and features a right side Quik™ drain Velcro® lifeguard pocket.

  5. Complete Your Lifeguard Wardrobe With Lifeguard Surfies™!

    Lifeguard Surfies™ have a longer surf style 9" inseam, making them perfect for any Lifeguard or aquatics professional. These stylish board shorts feature a Velcro®-free fly with snap closure that will not stick to or tear at your swimsuit like other shorts and have a Small Quik™ drain Velcro® side pocket. Embroidered lifeguard logo included on lower left leg, perfect for lifeguards!

  6. Aquatics Directors Love Lifeguard Backboard!

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    Aquatics Directors from around the country are gathered this week in Indianapolis, Indiana. Many of those Aquatics Directors are using and love the Lifeguard industry leader in Lifeguard specific Spine Boards, the ER7 Backboard. This revolutionary backboard was recently featured in the American Red Cross Lifeguard Training Manual. The ER7 Backboard is available in a variety of colors and is the best quality Lifeguard Backboard on the market. The ER7 Surpasses the competition! Click here to find out more.

  7. Lifeguards Board Up For Stretch Shorts!

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    Lifeguards often work long hard hours and they need their Lifeguard Board Shorts to be flexible just like they are. Lifeguard Stretch Board Shorts are just the ticket! The comfort and unique stretch of these Lifeguard Board Shorts keep Lifeguards at the top of their game.

  8. Lifeguard Shorts Are On Board!

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    Lifeguard Board Shorts are the go to shorts for many Lifeguards. Pictured above is the new Lifeguard Amphibian™ Short. Lifeguard Board Shorts have a sense of style, comfort, and coverage that are preferred by Lifeguards at Beaches, Waterparks, and Swimming Pools alike.

  9. Rescue Board Keychain For Lifeguards!

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    Need the perfect gift or incentive for your favorite Lifeguard? The Rescue Board Keychain for Lifeguards is exactly what you are looking for!

  10. Lifeguards Love Board Shorts!

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    Are you looking for high quality Lifeguard Board Shorts? Lifeguard Board Shorts are a longtime favorite among Lifeguards. Lifeguard Red™ is the most popular color for Lifeguard Board Shorts. Lifeguards love Lifeguard Board Shorts because they are ultra comfortable and provide long lasting quality.

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