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  1. The Gray Ghost® Floating Keychain is Both Fun and Functional!

    The Gray Ghost® Floating Keychain is a great incentive to keep keys and whistles afloat! Available in several colors, this keychain is both fun and functional! Great incentive!

  2. The JR Guard Mini Rescue Tube Keychain Makes a Great Junior Lifeguard Incentive!

    The JR Guard Mini Rescue Tube Keychain makes a great Junior Lifeguard incentive! Show your appreciation for their hard work with this floating rescue tube key chain! Features JR. Guard imprint and is available Lifeguard Red™ or Yellow. Perfect for any Junior Lifeguard!

  3. Whistle While You Lifeguard Keychain!

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    Hey Lifeguards, do you want to keep a high quality small loud Lifeguard Whistle attached to your keys? Well Lifeguards, look no farther! The Lifeguard Aluminum Whistle Keychain is exactly what you need. For a selection of more Lifeguard Keychains click here!

  4. Rescue Board Keychain For Lifeguards!

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    Need the perfect gift or incentive for your favorite Lifeguard? The Rescue Board Keychain for Lifeguards is exactly what you are looking for!

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