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  1. Lifeguards Love New Rescue Tube Colors!

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    The industry changing LIFE™ Rescue Tube is now available in exciting new color combinations! The new Rescue Tube colors are fast becoming Lifeguard favorites. New color combinations are all the rage! Rescue Tube color combinations such as Red / Yellow and Red / White are loved by Lifeguards and the Aquatics facilities that use them. The new color duos are seen as a way for facilities or certification agencies to represent their brand.

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  2. USA & Costa Rica Unite To Save Lives!

    Save Lives!® has teamed up with the leading Lifesaving, Rescue, Scuba Supply Company in Costa Rica to make world renowned cutting edge Lifeguard products available to Costa Rica & Central American Lifeguards (Salvavidas). El Parais Azul has been distributing eLifeguard products for several years and have recently added to their offerings to satisfy their customers' needs. Most notably, El Parais Azul now has available the LIFE™ Rescue Tube in all 3 sizes and has made them available to such famous Costa Rica tourist destinations as the world renowned surf spot Jaco Beach, Costa Rica. The United Sates Embassy in Costa Rica along with the Cruz Roja Costarricense have made recent diligent efforts to promote water safety and prevent drowning at Costa Rican beaches such as Jaco Beach.

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  3. Vinyl Rescue Tubes Are Super Disappointment!

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    Lifeguards depend on their rescue device to save lives. Rescue tubes must always be in tip top shape to be able to handle the demands that lifesaving imposes upon them. Any rescue tube that is not up to the task can be a real potential hazard to the rescuer and the victim. It has been shown how exposed foam on old compromised vinyl rescue tubes that are cracking and splitting can absorb hazardous bodily fluids. Both vinyl and mesh and vinyl coated foam rescue tubes are both guaranteed to crack, split, and break down over time and have been a real pain to Lifeguards and Aquatics Professionals for years, every since their creation way back in the 1960s. Thanks to advances in technologies, Lifeguards now have new and improved, much better rescue devices that last considerably longer and have greater functionality.

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  4. Rescue Tube Used To Save Lives Worldwide!

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    The innovative and revolutionary LIFE™ Rescue Tube is used by Lifeguards and Lifesaving Agencies Worldwide and is responsible for saving countless lives. The many saves have been recorded by Lifeguard personnel and the numbers are growing each day. In the photo above is a Lifeguard (Salvavidas) at Lagos Del Rocio, Argentina. Lifeguards at this open water location in South America report using the LIFE Rescue Tube to save multiple lives this 2018 season and performing at least 30 rescue assists. In one instance, a LIFE™ Max Rescue Tube was used to save 3 victims at the same time during a triple drowning situation.

    To watch a video of Lifeguards at Lagos Del Rocio using the LIFE Tube, click here!

    To read more posts about Lifeguards in Argentina using the LIFE Tube, click here!

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  5. Waterparks Go All In On New Rescue Tube In Vegas!

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    At the recent World Waterpark Association Trade Show in Las Vegas, Waterpark Operators and Lifeguard and Aquatics Managers went all in on the new LIFE™ Rescue Tube. The LIFE Rescue Tube is now the number one selling request tube in the world and growing everyday. Waterparks along with other aquatics facilities are embracing the industry changing LIFE Tube and adapting their Lifeguard programs to the innovative new uses of this revolutionary product.

    To read an article from Lifeguard Times™ about Waterparks switching to the LIFE Rescue Tube, click here.

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