1. New LIFE RING Is Talk Of The 2024 California Park & Recreation Society (CPRS) Conference & Expo

    The new USCG Approved LIFE RING™ is talk of the 2024 California Park & Recreation Society (CPRS) Conference & Expo in Palm Springs, California. This ground breaking new lifesaving device has been in development for several years and is now available for purchase. has been working with the United States Coast Guard for most of that time to ensure that the new rescue LIFE RING buoy meets and or exceeds the USCG regulations for this type of lifesaving rescue device. The LIFE RING is ideal for beaches, lakes, commercial and residential swimming pools, camps, hotels, resorts, boating watercraft, as well as waterparks. Among its many innovative new features are the ultra-durable closed cell foam which will outlast o

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  2. New Tourniquet Arm Trainer™ Is Getting Attention Among California Aquatic Management School (CAMS) 2023 Attendees

    The new Tourniquet Arm Trainer™ is getting attention among California Aquatic Management School (CAMS) 2023 attendees this week in Burlingame, California. California Aquatic Management School (CAMS) attendees were able to examine the Tourniquet Arm Trainer™ in person as it was on display as part of the event silent auction. This new first aid training device stands alone when compared to other product offerings available to first responders. The patent pending design was created by our in house design team of former first aid / CPR instructors and lifeguard training instructors who are responsible for other industry changing innovations such as the Award Winning USCG Approved LIFE RING™, the lifeguard industry standard Seal Quik™ Resuscitation Mask, and the best selling LIFE™ Rescue Tube standard issue at aquatic facilities worldwide.


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  3. California Lifeguards Dreamin' About This Tank Top!

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    In the Summer when it heats up in California, Lifeguards are ready to ditch the Lifeguard Hoodie and pull out the Lifeguard Tank Top. Right now as things start to cool off especially in parts of Central and Northern California, it doesn't take The Mamas & the Papas or The Beach Boys to start Lifeguards to do some California Lifeguard Tank Top Dreamin'.

    This week many Aquatics Professionals and Lifeguards are gathered together at Lake Arrowhead, California to stay up to date on all things Aquatics and Lifeguarding. The California Aquatic Management School will undoubtedly be teaching about new Lifeguard Products that are changing the Aquatics industry such as the LIFE™ Rescue Tube, Seal Quik™ Mask and the ER7™ Lifeguard Backboard.

    Photo left features a throwback to a Lifeguard from a day even before the famous California Dreamin' Song came out and the photo left is the current day Lifeguard Tank Top. For a female cut version of the Lifeguard Tank click here.

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  4. Lifeguards Protect Bodysurfing Championships

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    Oceanside California Lifeguards were on hand at the 2018 World Bodysurfing Championships in Oceanside, California this past month. The presense of Lifeguards is often taken for granted until an emergency situation arises and then they are looked upon as Lifesavers. Lifeguards Save Lives! Swim Near A Lifeguard!

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  5. Lifeguards Watch Over The Wedge

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    Bodysurfers from all around the world ascend upon Newport Beach, California to enjoy Bodysurfing The Wedge. This one of a kind surf spot has its unique set of dangers and challenges that require highly trained individuals to keep the surfers safe. Newport Beach Lifeguards are among the best in the world Ocean Rescue Lifeguards.

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  6. Wave Surfers Ready For the Rip!

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    California surfers most likely remember this beauty from the early and mid 1980s! Originating in Newport Beach, the WAVA HULL, worked its way up and down the Coast attracting both serious Wave Surfers and Recreational ones alike.The speed that this surf sled can generate on a curling wave will put a smile on even the most serious Waterman. Pictured here at Cocoa Beach, Florida the WAVA HULL may be making a long anticipated comeback.

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  7. SKWIM Comes To Paso Robles!

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    The City of Paso Robles, California is offering the exciting new Water Sports Game SKWIM at their aquatics facility this summer season. For more information about SKWIM at the Centennial Pool in Paso Robles, click here!

    For more information about HOW TO Play SKWIM, click here!

    To watch SKWIM videos, click here!

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  8. California Lifeguards Love New Lifeguard Rescue Tube!

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    California Lifeguards are serious about Lifeguarding and demand the very best when it comes to the lifesaving equipment they use. Hundreds of thousands of Lifeguards across California and throughout the United States and worldwide are choosing the new industry changing LIFE™ Rescue Tube to be their lifesaving product. To see the LIFE™ Tube in action click here!

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  9. California Waterpark Goes High Tech For 20th Anniversary!

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    Island Waterpark in Fresno, California is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. The much acclaimed Waterpark was recently featured in the January edition of World Waterpark Magazine which is a publication of the World Waterpark Association. Island Waterpark, along with thousands of other Aquatic Facilities nationwide, are putting the new LIFE™ Lifeguard Rescue Tube to the test as an effort to ensure that Lifeguards are using the most innovative Lifeguard equipment to ensure that they keep their patrons safe.

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