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  1. Lifeguard Visor Keeps Cool!

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    Lifeguards are always looking for ways to stay cool. The Lifeguard Xtreme Cooling Visor is exactly what Lifeguards need to stay cool. By using the slow or passive evaporative headliner in the band of the visor Lifeguards will be up to 20 degrees cooler than the ambient temperature. The outer layer of the visor is made of 100% lightweight breathable material which wicks away the heat while the evolutionary RXG liner slowly evaporates keeping Lifeguards cool.

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  2. Lifeguards Train Using New Rescue Tube!

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    The photo above was taken at a recent Lifeguard In-Service Training at the RDV Sportsplex in Orlando, Florida. The RDV Sportsplex is Central Florida's premier athletic club complex. RDV is known for being on the cutting edge and its Lifeguard Training is no exception. The Lifeguards are using the new LIFE™ Rescue Tube and discovering the great advantages that it offers to Lifeguards.

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  3. Lifeguard Shorts Are On Board!

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    Lifeguard Board Shorts are the go to shorts for many Lifeguards. Pictured above is the new Lifeguard Amphibian™ Short. Lifeguard Board Shorts have a sense of style, comfort, and coverage that are preferred by Lifeguards at Beaches, Waterparks, and Swimming Pools alike.

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  4. Rescue Tube Insanity!

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    Are the old vinyl coated rescue tubes driving you insane? The prescription for what's ailing you is the new LIFE™ Rescue Tube! The LIFE™ Tube will last years longer than the old tubes. Not to mention that the LIFE Tube outperforms the old vinyl tubes in every way. Once you try the new LIFE Rescue Tube, you will never go back to the 1960s old vinyl coated foam rescue tubes.

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  5. Last Straw Lifeguard Hat

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    Are you tired of getting sunburned on the face while Lifeguarding? Solution - Load up on SPF 30+ Sunscreen and wear a large brim Lifeguard Hat. If getting too much sun is the last straw for you, try the Lifeguard Straw Hat and keep the sun at bay!

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  6. Lifeguard Shorts Stretch The Imagination!

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    Lifeguards are very active in their pursuit to save lives. The uniforms and equipment that Lifeguards depend on better rise to the challenge and hold up under the toughest conditions. The Lifeguard Stretch Board Shorts were designed and tested by Lifeguards to meet their specific needs and requirements. The unique stretch fabric of these Lifeguard Shorts is second to none in durability and performance. It stretches, flexes and adapts to a Lifeguards every movements.

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  7. Disposable Swim Diapers Display Well!

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    Lifeguards must protect their swimming pools, waterparks, beaches, and other aquatics facilities from E. coli contamination. Does your aquatics facility have a plan? Do you offer Disposable Swim Diapers for facility patrons? The™ POP Floor Display filled with Disposable Swim Diapers is a valuable part of a strategy to protect your patrons!

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  8. Lifeguard Portable Platform Towers Over Chairs!

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    The new Patent Pending Lifeguard Platform Chairs from Everondack® tower over the competition with some amazing new features exclusive to these Lifeguard Chairs. With regards to durability, the Lifeguard Chairs are made using only the finest Recycled Plastic and UV Resistant Furniture Grade Fluted PVC. The proprietary Recycled Plastic Housing and Lifeguard Chair Wheel System allow these Lifeguard Platform Chairs to skate right by other Lifeguard Chairs with a breeze. Optional features include the virtually indestructible Debossed Lifeguard Logo Sign, LIFE™ Rescue Tube Holder, Umbrella Holder, and Drink Holder.

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  9. Lifeguard Stands Up For Swimmers!

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    Lifeguards must always keep eyes on swimmers and be ready to take action to save a life at a moments notice. The new Stand Up Lifeguard Station provides Lifeguards with sun protection and LIFE™ Rescue Tube access while maintaining a state of constant readiness. Stand Up Lifeguard Station includes a high quality reusable Footprint Template to denote desired Lifeguard standing position.

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  10. New Water Sports Game Making Waves!

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    SKWIM™ is an exciting new Water Sports Game that is taking off across the USA and around the World. SKWIM players are learning basic swim skills and also are developing skills that are essential to Drowning Prevention. SKWIM is now the fastest growing Water Sports game in the World and growing every day.

    To learn the basic rules of SKWIM click here!

    To watch SKWIM videos click here!

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