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  1. The Convenient Rescue Mask w/ Pouch - Adult and Infant Mask is Just What You Need!

    If you're looking for an adult and infant mask in a convenient pouch, then the Rescue Mask w/ Pouch - Adult and Infant Mask is just what you need! Contains 1 Adult Rescue Mask w/ O2 Inlet, 1 Infant size Rescue Mask w/o O2 Inlet, 1 pair of gloves and 1 first aid pouch. Ideal for lifeguards!

  2. The Rescue Mask - Adult and Infant Mask is Essential!

    The Rescue Mask - Adult and Infant Mask is essential to include with your rescue equipment! It contains 1 adult rescue mask w/ O2 inlet, 1 Infant size rescue mask w/o O2 inlet and 1 pair of gloves. This Rescue Mask is reusable and easy to clean, making it convenient for lifeguards and first responders!

  3. State of the Art Lifeguard Bag Receives Patent Pending Status!

    Lifeguard First Responder Bag

    To See A Video of the Lifeguard First Responder Bag, Click Below:

    Unmatched in the industry, this state of the art lifeguard bag received patent pending status! Finally a first responder bag that is labeled and ready to go! Durable water-resistant polyester. Dimensions: 22"” x 16"” x 12"”. No more guessing what each pocket contains. With the large print on each pocket, it is easy to identify the contents of each compartment.

    Pockets Hold:

    1. OXYGEN
    2. AED (Item #23300)
    3. SUCTION
    4. ADULT BVM (Item #34X)
    5. CHILD BVM (Item #34X)

    All Items are sold separately.

    Patent Pending

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