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  1. This Replacement Seat and Back is Just What You Need for Your Portable Guard Station!

    Are the seat and back of your Portable Guard Station in need of replacement? Then this Replacement Seat and Back for the LG 350 - Portable Guard Station is just what you need! Features superior Velcro seat bottom with no straps to tear, high density foam seat cushion fitted with outdoor quality canvas and a durable printed "LIFEGUARD" Logo on chair back.

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  2. This Side Storage Box is a Must-Have For the LG 350 - Portable Guard Station!

    This Side Storage Box is a must-have For the LG 350 - Portable Guard Station! Ideal for storing small personal equipment or other items! Perfect for Lifeguards!

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  3. Place Your Lifeguard Where the Action is With the Portable Guard Station!

    Place your lifeguard where the action is with the Portable Guard Station! Features include non-corrosive metal skeleton covered with fluted PVC and a high-density foam seat cushion fitted with outdoor quality canvas, superior heavy duty plastic seat construction and Velcro seat bottom with no straps to tear! Standing option helps prevent fatigue and provides an excellent observation post.

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  4. Baby Changing Station Sanitary Liners are a Must-Have!

    Baby Changing Station Sanitary Liners are a must-have! This box of 500 sanitary liners is for use with Koala Bear Kare® Baby Changing Stations. Perfect for any facility!

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  5. Baby Changing Stations (Vertical) Provide a Convenient Place to Change Swimpants!

    Baby Changing Stations (Vertical) provide a convenient place to change swimpants! Features built-in diaper/beach bag hooks for easy-to-reach convenience. A must-have for any facility!

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  6. The Baby Changing Station (Horizontal) is a Must-Have!

    The Baby Changing Station (Horizontal) is a must-have! Baby Changing Stations encourage attending to children in restroom facilities instead of poolside. Constructed of molded polyethylene with a unique, steel-on-steel hinge system and includes built-in diaper/beach bag hooks for easy-to-reach convenience. Baby Changing Stations provide parents with a convenient place to change swimpants!

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  7. Oregon Lifeguards Roll Out New Lifeguard Chair!

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    Oregon Lifeguards have been searching for a lightweight, portable Lifeguard Chair that is tall enough to watch a large water surface area. They have found it in the Portable Guard Station (LG 450). This innovative new Lifeguard Chair allows aquatics facilities to place their Lifeguard where the action is. The Portable Guard Station (LG 450) is the ONLY Tall Portable Guard Station on the Market!

    Recreation, Aquatics, and Lifeguard Staff from throughout Oregon met up this week in Sunriver for the annual conference of the Oregon Recreation & Park Association (ORPA).

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  8. Ring Buoy Station Holds Rescue Ring!

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    Aquatic facilities are required by law and local health departments to have rescue equipment available for lifeguards and those in need. The Ring Buoy Station holds a Ring Buoy, Throw Rope, & Shepard's Crook at the optimal location for use.

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  9. LIFE Rescue Project Finalizes Brochure

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    The LIFE™ Rescue Project finalized its informational and instructional brochure. The new brochure features instructions on proper use of the LIFE™ Rescue Station as well as how you as a Citizen Saver™ can contribute to the project. Distribution of the brochures will begin in Florida at hotels, resorts, and government facilities next week. For information on how to contribute or get involved, please visit www.liferescueproject.com

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  10. FIRST Cocoa Beach LIFE Rescue Station Installed

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    North 1st Street, Cocoa Beach, FL – The City of Cocoa Beach along with the LIFE™ Rescue Project installed the first LIFE™ Rescue Station at 9 AM Wednesday. The drowning prevention device is the first of 35 that will be located at each beach access point in the city limits of Cocoa Beach. Late last year the Cocoa Beach City Commission voted unanimously to install the devices.

    The city plans to work with the LIFE™ Rescue Project to inform beach goers and vacationers as to the proper purpose and use of the devices. Cocoa Beach was chosen to be the pilot location for the drowning prevention endeavor. The project will be launched nationwide later this year.

    About the LIFE™ Rescue Project

    According to the CDC, 3,536 unintentional fatal drownings occurred each year, on average, from 2005 to 2014 in the United States.

    The LIFE™ Rescue Project was conceived in 2015 by former Lifeguard Instructor Mike Rogers and former Brevard County Ocean Rescue Chief Wyatt Werneth. Combining the redesigned LIFE™ Rescue Tube with the LIFE™ Rescue Station, Mike and Wyatt were focused on making Cocoa Beach the safest beach possible. Once they saw the need and enthusiasm for the LIFE™ Rescue Stations, they knew that their mission was to make every beach the safest it could possibly be and they have been focused on drowning prevention ever since. Chief Werneth is famous for saying “Always swim near a lifeguard or a LIFE™ Rescue Station”.



    265 Barnes Blvd

    Rockledge, FL 32955

    Phone: (321) 433-3630

    Fax: (321) 433-3631

    Email: info@liferescueproject.com

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