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  1. The Mini CPR Keychain is Ideal for Lifeguards and First Responders!

    The Mini CPR Keychain is Ideal for Lifeguards and First Responders! The micro keychain contains a mask for use while saving a life – a barrier for CPR packed in a small key chain case. The keychain feature, allows quick access for emergency use!

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  2. Mini LIFE™ Whistle Emits the Ultimate Loudest, High-Pitch, and Shrillest Tone!

    This Mini LIFE™ Whistle is ideal for lifeguards, water safety personnel, referees, teachers and more! Its three chamber pealess whistle design emits the ultimate loudest, high-pitch, and shrillest tone! Pealess design has no pea to become stuck and muffle whistle sound. With so many color options, you'll find the perfect one for you!

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  3. Lifeguard Mini First Aid Pak™ Includes Essential First Aid Items!


    The Lifeguard Mini First Aid Pak™ includes essential first aid items and supplies such as BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages, hand cleansing wipes, and Johnson & Johnson Hospital Grade Gauze Pads! Comes in a durable plastic case that fits in your lifeguard hip pack, pocket, lifeguard backpack or lifeguard bag! Perfect for lifeguards!

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  4. The Lifeguard Lotion™ Mini Bag Pack is a Great Value!


    This Lifeguard Lotion™ Mini Bag Pack is a great value! This personal lifeguard mesh bag features mesh fabric that allows wet items to breath for faster drying, adjustable backpack strings, a small Pocket and drawstring. Perfect for lifeguards!

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  5. The Lifeguard Mini Bag Pack is Perfect for Carrying Your Lifeguard Essentials!


    The Lifeguard Mini Bag Pack is perfect for carrying your lifeguard essentials! Its mesh fabric allows wet items to breathe for faster drying and has adjustable backpack strings and drawstring. Ideal for lifeguards everywhere!

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  6. The Mini Lifeguards Save Lives Bumper Sticker Reminds Everyone Just How Important Lifeguards Are!

    The Mini Lifeguards Save Lives Bumper Sticker shows just how important lifeguards are! This sticker is a perfect reminder of how important is it for everyone to swim near a lifeguard! Available to be used indoors and outdoors, you'll find the perfect place to display this special message!

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  7. The JR Guard Mini Rescue Tube Keychain Makes a Great Junior Lifeguard Incentive!

    The JR Guard Mini Rescue Tube Keychain makes a great Junior Lifeguard incentive! Show your appreciation for their hard work with this floating rescue tube key chain! Features JR. Guard imprint and is available Lifeguard Red™ or Yellow. Perfect for any Junior Lifeguard!

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  8. Mini Rescue Tube Keychains Make Great Lifeguard Incentives!

    Mini Rescue Tube Keychains make great lifeguard incentives! These floating rescue tube key chains are perfect for keeping keys and whistles afloat! With Guard imprint and so many color options to choose from, these are a great way to show your appreciation for hardworking lifeguards!

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  9. Lifeguard Mini Skirts Are The Perfect Swimsuit Cover Up!

    Lifeguard Mini Skirts are the perfect swimsuit cover up. Simply cute mini skirt with no Velcro® to stick to or tear at your swimsuit. This Mini Skirt has a 10" length and includes an embroidered lifeguard logo. Add this cute and functional Mini Skirt to your Lifeguard uniform!

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