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  1. Cheap Lifeguard Chairs!

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    Of course Lifeguards need the highest quality Lifeguard Chairs, but also Pools are on a strict budget most of the time so cheap is often the name of the game. Cheap Lifeguard Chairs are available with extras such as an umbrella or cup holder, but also without to make the Lifeguard Chairs cheap.

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  2. Surfing Santas In Times Square!

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    Surfing Santas on the Jumbotron in Times Square,
    New York City Today!

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  3. Tall Lifeguard Chair Anyone?

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    Looking for a Tall Lifeguard Chair? In aquatic facilities in which there is a large amount of water and / or number of patrons, a Tall Lifeguard Chair is the perfect Chair for Lifeguards. A Tall Lifeguard Chair allows Lifeguards to see farther distances and underneath the Lifeguard Chair.

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  4. Lifeguards Line Up 2 This Bag Design!

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    Lifeguards Line Up 2 This Bag Design! The First Responder Trauma Bag is a Lifeguard must have.

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  5. Lifeguard Chair With Umbrella

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    Pictured here is a new innovative Lifeguard Chair with Umbrella combination. The Lifeguard Platform Chair coupled with the Lifeguard Print Umbrella make the perfect duo for your aquatic facility!

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  6. Lifeguards Love Waterpark Show!

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    The World Waterpark Show took place recently at the Palm Beach County Convention Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. Lifeguards,Waterpark Managers & Aquatics Directors from all around the world were in attendance.® was proud to be a part of this event. There was much excitement about the new industry changing LIFE™ Rescue Tube, SealQuik™ Mask, Waterpark Lifeguard Platform Chair, ER7 Lifeguard Rescue Backboard and much more!

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  7. USLA Lifeguards Love Surf Lifesaving Products!

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    Surf Lifesaving Lifeguards are among the top Water Safety & Rescue Professionals. USLA Lifeguards are up there with the best of the best. USLA Lifeguards demand the latest and most innovative in Lifesaving Technology. Products such as the industry changing LIFE™ Rescue Tube and Seal Quik™ Mask are being used everywhere there is water by the top Lifesaving Professionals and Agencies in the world.

    What lifeguard trainers & lifeguards are saying:

    "Just received the new Rescue Buoy - needless to say, I’m very impressed with the design, manufacture, and durability of this product. We will attempt to use it during tomorrow’s Ice Rescue Technician course, and am very much looking forward to using it during our spring Water Rescue, Swiftwater Rescue, and Water Rescue Train-the-Trainer Programs"

    "Thanx for posting more videos of new tubes. Our Instructors are very impressed and excited about them. They are showing your videos in class this week."

    "The tube looks amazing! It is exactly what our USLA chapter imagined."

    "The tubes have indeed arrived. They are amazing. We have completely switch over to your tubes!"

    "This is the best innovation in lifeguarding since I became a lifeguard"

    "The 7 second swim video sold me! I haven't used the tube yet but I am SO excited to train with it and use it in the beach environment this season!!"

    "We absolutely love our new life rescue tubes."

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  8. Lifeguard Holiday Gift Giving Time!

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    Are you shopping for a Holiday Gift for your favorite Lifeguard? Click above for Lifeguard Gifts as far as the eye can see!

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  9. Lifeguard Fills Tank!

    Lifeguard Tank Tops are the perfect way to keep sun off of a Lifeguard's core and stay cool at the same time. Lifeguard Tanks are just what the Lifeguard ordered!

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  10. Rocky Mountain Lifeguards Prefer This Sunscreen!

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    Lifeguards in the Rocky Mountain region and all across the country are looking for a high quality sunscreen that blocks the sun's harmful rays but doesn't contain potentially cancer causing ingredients such as Oxybenzone. For that reason Lifeguards are choosing Lifeguard Lotion™ as their choose for Lifeguard Sunscreen.

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