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  1. Designed by Paramedics, the Deluxe Oxygen Bag Makes it Convenient to Store, Organize and Carry all Essential Oxygen Therapy Supplies and Accessories!

    Designed by paramedics, the Deluxe Oxygen Bag makes it convenient to store, organize and carry all essential oxygen therapy supplies and accessories! Comes complete with shoulder straps, reflective striping, and black impervious bottom with padding. It is constructed using the strongest and most durable fabric of any oxygen carrying system available!

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  2. This Solid Brass Oxygen Regulator is Extremely High Quality, at a Great Price!

    This Solid Brass Oxygen Regulator - 0-25L - 2 Valves is extremely high quality, at a great price! This regulator features 0-25 adjustable liter flow with (2) 50 PSI DISS connectors, (1) barbed oxygen fitting, chrome-plated solid brass body, 3000 psi maximum inlet pressure, 1-1/2” diameter UL-listed gauge and more!

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  3. This Aluminum O2 Regulator Offers Good Performance in a Lightweight Design!

    This Aluminum O2 Regulator is an aluminum uni-body regulator that offers good performance in a lightweight design. Complete with low profile contents gauge with rubber gauge protector. Regulators have internal brass components for increased safety. Order today!

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  4. This Oxygen Sleeve Bag is Perfect for Your Oxygen Cylinder and Accessories!

    This Oxygen Sleeve Bag was designed to offer protection and storage for your oxygen cylinder and accessories! Two adjustable side straps ensures a snug fit for your D-tanks, and the side pocket provides a convenient location to store your oxygen masks.

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  5. The LIFE® EMS Oxygen Regulator is a Must-Have!

    This LIFE® EMS Oxygen Regulator is a must-have! Provides variable-flow with 12 click-stop flow-rate settings and has an aluminum Unibody “window” design and an all brass flow-channel internal components for safety. Order yours today!

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  6. The LIFE® Oxygen Cylinder is Important to Have on Hand!

    The LIFE® Oxygen Cylinder is important to have on hand! It is a “D” size aluminum 425 liter cylinder that features a durable easy-open knurled-knob valve, which prevents accidental ON during transit. Purchase yours today!

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  7. The Deluxe Oxygen Pac Wall Mount Unit is Ideal to Have at Your Facility!


    The Deluxe Oxygen Pac Wall Mount Unit is ideal to have at your facility! Features include wall mount hook for easy access and comfortable handle & shoulder strap. 246 liter aluminum "C" cylinder. 40 minute supply at 6 liters per minute and easy read constant supply gauge always viewable through window. Order for your facility today!

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  8. This Portable Oxygen Unit With Bag is a Must-Have!


    This Portable Oxygen Unit With Bag is a must-have! Comes with a wall mount hook for easy access and comfortable handle & shoulder strap. 246 liter aluminum "C" cylinder. It is refillable & lightweight!

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  9. First Responder Bag Responds Fast!

    In this age of COVID-19 it is more important than ever for first responders to have all of their essential emergency and medical supplies readily available at a moments notice.  The lifeguard first responder bag is an essential tool for first responders of all types.  Whether it be lifeguards, nurses, fire rescue personnel, EMTs, doctors, and / or emergency room staff.  This exclusive and unique crash bag allows for the easy storage and use of essential supplies such as a bag valve mask (BVM), AED, oxygen tank, etc.  Each item stored in the bag is identified

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  10. Is Oxygen Portable?

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    Is oxygen portable? It is if you have a Lifeguard First Responder Bag! The Lifeguard First Responder, as featured in the new American Red Cross Lifeguard Training Manual, is the perfect way to carry a Portable Oxygen Tank and other First Aid Supplies.

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