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  1. The Everondack® Backboard Rack (Two Boards) is a Must-Have!


    The Everondack® Backboard Rack (Two Boards) is a must-have! Sturdy construction, will not rot, splinter, or rust and is resistant to salt water! Maintenance-free and made from recycled milk containers. Order for your backboards today!

  2. This Durable Everondack® Backboard Rack (One Board) Lasts for Years!

    If you're looking for a durable, long lasting rack for your backboard, then the Everondack® Backboard Rack (One Board) is just what you're looking for! It is maintenance-free and made from recycled milk containers. Resistant to salt water, Sturdy construction - lasts for years!

  3. Lifeguard Chair Anyone?

    Get Lifeguard Chair!

    Lifeguard Chair anyone? Lifeguard Chairs made from recycled plastic are our specialty! Everondack® brand lifeguard chairs are designed and crafted by real lifeguard,s so you know that you are getting the best quality and design for lifeguards. Guaranteed!

  4. Lifeguard Chair Graces Shoreline of Canada

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    Everondack® Lifeguard Chairs are well known for their long lasting durability and highest quality construction making them very popular throughout the United States, showing up in aquatic facilities in nearly every major city, state, and territory. In addition to U.S. locations, Everondack Lifeguard Chairs are permanent features in many locations around the globe, everywhere from Melbourne, Australia to Kouchibouguac National Park, New Brunswick, Canada.

  5. Should I Buy Everondack or Tailwind Lifeguard Chairs?

    Choose the Best!

    Trying to decide which brand of lifeguard chairs to purchase for your aquatic facility? Here are some things to consider when deciding between Everondack® and Tailwind Lifeguard Chairs. Both are made in the USA from recycled plastic, Everondack® Lifeguard Chairs however are Lifeguard designed and custom crafted to the highest set of quality standards. They also have a superior 5 year warranty. As Lifeguards and Aquatic Professionals you deserve the highest quality products for your aquatic facility and Everondack® Lifeguard Chairs are second to none!


    Express Yourself!

    The recycled plastic lifeguard chair is the future of lifeguard chairs. Unlike their steel counter parts, plastic lifeguard chairs do not rust, splinter, or rot. Also recycled plastic is good for the environment. Younger and older generations alike both have a great love for our world and endeavor to leave as small of an environmental impact as possible. A plastic lifeguard can also be made in a variety of vibrant colors. Colors such as Lifeguard Red, Aruba, and Orange easily stand out in a crowd. Colored lifeguard chairs allow facilities and lifeguards to express themselves! Do you want to EXPRESS YOURSELF?

  7. New Lifeguard Chair Perfect For Waterparks

    The new Lifeguard Platform Chair is the ideal lifeguard chair for waterparks and lazy rivers. For these settings it is important for lifeguards to be close to patrons for quick and easy accessibility. The unique swivel seat and large platform give the lifeguard wide range of sight whether sitting or standing. The recycled plastic material is not only good for the environment but is much more cost effective than similar steel chairs that are subject to rusting. The Lifeguard Platform Chair is a must have for waterparks and similar aquatic feature swimming pools.

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