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Monthly Archives: August 2017

  1. New LIFE Rescue Tube Saving Lives Worldwide!

    Save Life!

    The LIFE™ Rescue Tube is now used by lifeguards and rescue professionals saving lives worldwide. Pictured here is a LIFE Rescue Tube strapped on a rescue kayak used by lifeguards (Salvavidas) at Lagos Del Rocio, Argentina.

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  2. Women's Lifeguard Swimsuit

    Guard On!

    Lifeguard swimsuits are an essential lifeguard uniform requirement for all lifeguards. The lifeguard logo should be prominently displayed to let the aquatic facility or beach patrons know who to look to for assistance should a rescue or safety situation arise.

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    #woman, #swimsuit, #lifeguard
  3. Lifeguards Love New Lifeguard Emoji Shirt!

    Get Your Shirt Today!

    eLifeguard.com® set out to make a custom lifeguard emoji for lifeguards. It is way cool for lifeguards and is now available as a Lifeguard Emoji T-Shirt.

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    #t-shirt, #lifeguard, #emoji, #eLifegaurd.com
  4. Lifeguard Rash Guard

    Cover Up In Style!

    The best way for Lifeguards to protect their torso from harmful sun rays is by wearing a Lifeguard Rash Guard Shirt.

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    #t-shirt, #rash, #lifeguard, #guard

    Swim Near a Lifeguard!

    Picked up this great Lifeguard Bumper Sticker, put out by the USLA Southeast Region, at the United States Lifesaving Association (USLA) National Lifeguard Championships in Daytona Beach, Florida. Very smart advice! Swim Near a Lifeguard!

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    #USLA, #United States, #sticker, #Southeast, #Region, #National, #Lifesaving, #lifeguard, #Florida, #Daytona Beach, #Championship, #bumper, #Association
  6. Lifeguard Board Shorts For Lifeguards

    Choose Board Shorts!

    If Lifeguard Board Shorts are what you need, eLifeguard.com® has got you covered! We have the largest selection of Lifeguard Board Shorts of any company in the world.

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    #shorts, #lifeguard, #elifeguard.com, #board
  7. Are You Guard Of The Month?

    Guard On!

    Whether you are awarded Guard Of The Month or you are presenting another Lifeguard with the Guard Of The Month title, eLifeguard.com® has items that are perfect for the occasion.

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    #the, #of, #month, #lifeguard, #guard, #elifeguard
  8. Lifeguard Umbrella Protects Lifeguards

    Choose Your Lifeguard Umbrella!

    Lifeguards are your looking for a quality Lifeguard Umbrella to help keep the sun off and beat the heat? eLifeguard.com® has a wide selection of Lifeguard Umbrellas to choose from including exclusive umbrella styles and colors you won't find anywhere else.

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    #umbrella, #styles, #lifeguard, #exclusive, #colors
  9. Lifeguard Tank Top Is Tops!

    Top It Off!

    Are you looking for a high quality Lifeguard Tank Top? Well look no more! This 100% Cotton Tank Top is just what the Head Lifeguard ordered. Choose from a White or Lifeguard Red Top and you're good to go.

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    #top, #tank top, #tank, #lifeguard

    Find Out More!

    The new industry changing LIFE™ Rescue Tube is seen draped across a Lifeguard's lap at a new state of the art aquatics facility in Sammamish, Washington in the latest issue of Aquatics International Magazine.

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