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  1. Lifeguard Rash T-Shirts Make a Great Addition to Your Lifeguard Wardrobe!


    Lifeguard Rash T-Shirts make a great addition to your lifeguard wardrobe! This short sleeve, 100% Polyester rash t-shirt with Lifeguard logo and back "LIFEGUARD" imprint included is perfect for lifeguards!

  2. Long Sleeve Lifeguard Rash Shirts are Perfect for Lifeguards!

    This Long Sleeve Lifeguard Rash Shirt has UPF 30+ sun protection! With 100% MicroFiber performance polyester, Screen-Tek moisture management and anti-microbial finish, you can't go wrong! Perfect for lifeguards!

  3. The Lifeguard Jersey Polo Is The Way To Go!

    If you're looking for a more professional top to add to your Lifeguard uniform, then the Lifeguard Jersey Polo is the way to go! Made of 100% Cotton Jersey, preshrunk Jersey knit and with a contoured welt collar. Lifeguard logo included, making this a perfect addition to your Lifeguard uniform!

  4. The Lifeguard Rash Shirt is perfect for Lifeguards!

    The Lifeguard Rash Shirt will make a great addition to your lifeguard wardrobe! Features 6 oz 4-way stretch Nylon / Lycra with UPF 30+ protection, flat lock stitching with Lifeguard logo and back "LIFEGUARD" imprint, making it perfect for Lifeguards!

  5. Upgrade Your Lifeguard Uniform With a Lifeguard Polo Shirt!

    Complete your Lifeguard uniform with a Lifeguard Polo Shirt. If you're ready to upgrade your Lifeguard uniform, the Lifeguard Polo Shirt is the way to go! They provide excellent comfort and durability and are available in Lifeguard Red™ or White with Embroidered Lifeguard logo included.

  6. Connecticut Lifeguards Love Colorful Lifeguard Shirt!

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    Lifeguards love to show their individual style with colorful Lifeguard Shirts! Connecticut Lifeguards along with Lifeguards around the country are falling in love with these colorful this Lifeguard Shirt.

  7. Lifeguards Fall For New Color Shirt!

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    Lifeguards like to express themselves as much as the next person. For the fall season, a new color Lifeguards are falling for is Orange. Orange is a great color for fall and it just happens to be an internationally known safety color to boot!

  8. Lifeguard Shirts Or Skins?

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    Lifeguard Shirts are a great way to protect your skin from the sun's damaging rays. They also identify you as a Lifeguard. There are many different styles, colors, and prints when it comes to Lifeguard Shirts. It is up to you as a Lifeguard to decide whether or not to go shirts or skins while on duty, and which is better for you and the protection of your skin!

  9. Lifeguards Try New Lifeguard Shirt

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    Lifeguards want the best when it comes to their Lifeguard Shirts. This new Lifeguard Shirt keeps Lifeguards covered in style and comfort.

  10. Changing Up Your Lifeguard Shirt and Shorts!

    Aged Lifeguard Shirt

    Is it time to update your lifeguard apparel? Modern day lifeguards are used to having many different styles and colors to choose from in their everyday life when it comes to their clothes and accessories.

    When looking to attract lifeguards to join your staff, you may want to consider updating the lifeguard uniforms offered at your facility. This will present a modern updated professional image to patrons as well as make it fun and exciting for lifeguards. Maybe try a new color, such as black or green for Lifeguard Board Shorts, as a change or alternate uniform.

    An updated lifeguard t-shirt, such as the Aged Lifeguard T-Shirt, would also be a nice uniform change for lifeguards eLifeguard.com

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