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  1. Lifeguard Whistles are a Must-Have!

    Whistles are essential for every Lifeguard to have on hand and these Lifeguard Whistles are just what they need! The unique pealess design provides a high-pitched, loud and shrill tone and with many colors to choose from these whistles are a must-have!

  2. The Classic Fox 40 Whistle is a Classic!

    The Classic Fox 40 Whistle is a must-have! The unique pealess design provides the ultimate high-pitched, loudest and shrillest tone, making it ideal for Lifeguards! Make the Classic Fox 40 Whistle part of your daily personal equipment!

  3. Whistle Lanyards With Many Colors to Choose from, Perfect for Lifeguards!

    From solid to multi-colored lanyards, you'll find what you're looking for with these whistle lanyards! Many color options to choose from makes it easy for lifeguards to identify which lanyard belongs to them. Every whistle lanyard features a small, less bulky metal snap at the end of the lanyard that swivels 360 degrees to ensure the whistle will not hang at an awkward angle.

  4. Convenient 50 Pack of Assorted Solid Color Whistle Lanyards!

    If you're looking for Whistle Lanyards that are available in multiple color options, then this is the Whistle Lanyard Pack for you! With so many color options in this Whistle Lanyard Assorted Solid 50 pack, you'll find what you need! Every lanyard features a small, less bulky metal snap at the end of the lanyard that swivels 360 degrees to ensure the whistle will not hang at an awkward angle.

  5. Wrist Coils Make Great Lifeguard Incentives!

    Are you looking for a way to show your appreciation for a hardworking lifeguard or aquatic professional? Look no futher! These colored plastic Wrist Coils with 7/8" steel split ring strap are perfect for lifeguards who want their whistle right at hand! They are available in many different color options and make great Lifeguard incentives!

  6. Lifeguards Think Pink!

    Shop Pink!

    Lifeguards are determined to THINK PINK this October for Breast Cancer Awareness. Wearing a Pink Lifeguard Cap, Whistle, Lanyard, or Rescue Tube is a great way to bring much needed attention to this worthy cause that affects all of us in one way or another. Lifeguards, show your Pink this October!

  7. Tennessee Lifeguards Love This Lifeguard Whistle!

    Shop Lifeguard Whistles!

    Tennessee Aquatics Directors and Lifeguards are among those gathered this week in Knoxville, Tennessee for the Tennessee Recreation and Parks Association (TRPA) Conference. Tennessee Lifeguards love the LIFE™ Lifeguard Whistle and other LIFE Lifeguard Whistles as, in addition to being high pitch and very well made, they are available in more colors than any other Lifeguard Whistle on the market. Lifeguards who want to show their support for their favorite sports teams such as the Tennessee Volunteers (Vols), the Vanderbilt Commodores, the Memphis Tigers, or even the Tennessee Titans can pick the Whistle colors that best match their team.

    The Lifeguard Lanyard is also available in the largest selection anywhere and are a great companion to the LIFE Lifeguard Whistles. Click here for the largest selection of Lifeguards Lanyards.

  8. Whistle While You Lifeguard Keychain!

    Shop Now!

    Hey Lifeguards, do you want to keep a high quality small loud Lifeguard Whistle attached to your keys? Well Lifeguards, look no farther! The Lifeguard Aluminum Whistle Keychain is exactly what you need. For a selection of more Lifeguard Keychains click here!

  9. Fox 40 Whistles Attention To Lifeguard Shortage!

    Find Your Whistle!

    Fox 40 TV in Sacramento, California called attention earlier this year, to the shortage of lifeguards that has plagued the nation in recent years. To read the full story from Fox 40 click here!

  10. What Megan Fox Said About 40 And Whistle!

    Shop Fox 40 Whistles!

    What did Megan Fox say about 40 and whistle? In the movie "This is 40", star Megan Fox cracked up laughing during filming some of the movie's uncomfortable scenes. Lifeguards - The Fox 40 Whistle has no relation to Actress Megan Fox.

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