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  1. If You're Looking for Great Facility Equipment for Your YMCA, Then Check Out Our YMCA Category!

    If you're looking for great facility equipment for your YMCA, then check out our YMCA Category! You'll find lifeguard chairs, rescue boards, apparel and more!

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  2. YMCA Lifeguards Discover Better Rescue Tube!

    YMCA lifeguards along with lifeguards from just about every type of certification agency and aquatic facility around the world are discovering the next generation in rescue tubes, the LIFE™ Rescue Tube!  The photo above shows 80 old style coated vinyl YMCA rescue tubes from a YMCA in the USA being traded in for the revolutionary new LIFE Tubes.  YMCA lifeguards have been among those on the forefront of upgrading their old tubes to the new far superior much longer lasting LIFE Tubes.  In the age of COVID-19 budgets are tight and many YMCAs are realizing that purchasing a LIFE Rescue Tube that could potentially last up to 8 to 10 times longer than the old vinyl coated ones is an easy decision.  Also, the LIFE Rescue Tube is made from a proprietary hydrophobic f

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  3. Vinyl Rescue Tubes Are The Worst!

    Upgrade Your Rescue Tubes!

    Are your Lifeguard rescue tubes falling apart? If you have old style vinyl coated foam rescue tubes, the answer is most likely yes! Pictured above is a recent photo that a YMCA customer sent in of their old vinyl rescue tubes. Rescue tube technology has improved significantly since the vinyl coated tubes were first invented way back in the early 1960s. Lifeguards worldwide are discovering the revolutionary new LIFE™ Rescue Tube and retiring their old vinyl coated tubes. Has your aquatics facility upgraded your rescue tubes yet?

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  4. Lifeguards Upgrade YMCA Rescue Tubes!

    Upgrade Your Rescue Tubes!

    YMCA's all across the United States and around the World are upgrading their old vinyl YMCA rescue tubes (Photo Above) to the revolutionary new LIFE™ Rescue Tubes! The old vinyl coated "Noodle" tubes are notorious for cracking and splitting and potentially posing a danger to Lifeguards and victims. When splitting, the old lifeguard tubes may not function properly for rescue and could potentially pose a health risk due to exposed foam absorption of blood born pathogens.

    The LIFE™ Rescue Tube is the #1 selling rescue tube in the World and also the #1 selling rescue tube to YMCA aquatics facilities and growing everyday.

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  5. YMCA Lifeguards Love New Rescue Tube!

    Shop LIFE™ Tubes!

    YMCA Lifeguards from all across the USA and abroad have discovered the LIFE™ Rescue Tube! In every state and major city in America, YMCA Lifeguards are using the new Lifeguard industry changing LIFE™ Rescue Tube. YMCA Lifeguards have adopted use of the innovative new rescue tube at the fastest rate of any lifesaving agency. As a former YMCA Lifeguard, I know the hard work and dedication that Y Lifeguards approach their job as Lifeguards, which makes perfect sense why YMCA Lifeguards would want to be on the cutting edge when it comes to using the best selling, longest lasting rescue tube in the world!

    Click here to shop other Lifeguard products that are used by YMCA Lifeguards!

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  6. YMCA Lifeguards Using New Rescue Tube!

    Watch YMCA Using LIFE™ Tube!

    YMCAs & YMCA Lifeguards all across the USA and abroad are now using the LIFE™ Rescue Tube at their aquatics facilities. In fact, YMCA aquatics facilities & Lifeguards are switching over to use of the LIFE™ Tube at a faster rate nationwide. Therefore, YMCA Lifeguards are leading the nation in using the latest in lifesaving technology.

    To read an article about YMCAs Using the LIFE™ Rescue Tube click here!

    For a selection of other innovative items YMCA Lifeguards use click here!

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  7. YMCA Lifeguards Love These Lifeguard Chairs & Rescue Tubes!

    Shop Now!

    Are you attending the YMCA 2018 Membership & Program Expo? YMCA Lifeguards across the country and around the world love the new industry changing LIFE™ Rescue Tube! The LIFE™ Rescue Tube is now the best selling Rescue Tube to YMCAs hands down!* Everondack® Lifeguard Chairs are also loved by YMCAs due to their exciting color choices and unique features like the new WHEELS.

    *Based on sales nationwide

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  8. We Know YMCA Lifeguards!

    Are you a YMCA Lifeguard? Do you operate a YMCA Aquatic Center? Our staff has been working with YMCA Aquatic Facilities and Lifeguards for over 30 years! We know and have in stock exactly what you need to operate a safe and successful Aquatic Facility, Swimming Pool, Waterpark, Open Waterfront, or YMCA Aquatic Camp. Click below to find out more:

    Shop Now!

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  9. Which Rescue Tube Are YMCA Lifeguards Using?

    Learn More!

    Which Rescue Tube are YMCA Lifeguards using at their aquatic facilities? According to Lifeguard Times™, the best selling Lifeguard Rescue Tube in the USA is the LIFE™ Rescue Tube. YMCA aquatic facilities are leading the charge by switching over to the new LIFE™ Tube at a rate even greater than the national average.

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  10. YMCA Rescue Tube To The Rescue!

    YMCA Lifeguarding Reinvented!

    The LIFE Rescue Tube is the most popular rescue tube among YMCA Lifeguards nationwide. More YMCA Aquatic Facilities are using the LIFE Tube now than any other rescue device. You may recognize YMCA Lifeguard Alec (Photo Above) who was featured on the cover of AQUATICS INTERNATIONAL Magazine earlier this year and was also seen throughout the new American Red Cross LIFEGUARD Training Manual.

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