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  1. These Color Coded Backboard Straps are Ideal for Lifeguards or Any Aquatic Professional!


    Backboard Straps are essential and these Color Coded Backboard Straps are ideal for lifeguards or any aquatic professional! This set of 4 color coded backboard straps comes with Blue (max 53"), Red (max 54 1/4"), Orange (max 55 1/2") and Yellow (max 57 1/2") and features 2" thick straps with a plastic buckle and loops on both ends. Order yours today!

  2. The Everondack® Backboard Rack (Two Boards) is a Must-Have!


    The Everondack® Backboard Rack (Two Boards) is a must-have! Sturdy construction, will not rot, splinter, or rust and is resistant to salt water! Maintenance-free and made from recycled milk containers. Order for your backboards today!

  3. This Durable Everondack® Backboard Rack (One Board) Lasts for Years!

    If you're looking for a durable, long lasting rack for your backboard, then the Everondack® Backboard Rack (One Board) is just what you're looking for! It is maintenance-free and made from recycled milk containers. Resistant to salt water, Sturdy construction - lasts for years!

  4. Child Head Immobilizer is a Must-Have!

    The Child Head Immobilizer is for use with backboard for complete head immobilization. Features coated foam pillows that cushion while holding head and neck firmly in place. Specially made to fit children & has a tough wipe-clean surface. This Child Head Immobilizer is a must-have!

  5. Head Immobilizers are a Must-Have!

    Use this Head Immobilizer with backboard for complete head immobilization! Features a tough wipe-clean surface and coated foam pillows cushion while holding head and neck firmly in place. Includes base, 2 head pillows and 2 Velcro® straps. Head Immobilizers are a must-have!

  6. Kansas Lifeguards Embrace New Lifesaving Technology!

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    Lifeguards, Aquatics Professionals, and Recreation Directors met this week at the Kansas Recreation and Park Association (KRPA) Conference to discuss new technologies in the field of aquatics and lifesaving among other areas related to recreation. Lifeguards in Kansas along with Lifeguards from throughout the US and abroad are updating their Lifesaving technology and training adapting it to modern advances that have been revolutionizing the industry over the past several years. Revolutionary products such as the LIFE™ Rescue Tube, ER7 Lifeguard Backboard, and Seal Quik™ Mask are a favorite among Lifeguards seeking to improve their readiness and speed of response to helps victims (guest in distress) in need.

  7. Lifeguard Backboard Shows Its True Colors!

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    The #1 Best Selling Lifeguard Backboard just got better! The popular ER7 Lifeguard Backboard that was recently featured in the American Red Cross Lifeguard Training Manual just debited its exciting new colors. The new Lifeguard Spineboard colors are International Orange, First Aid White, and Waterman Blue. These new colors along with the original Safety Orange make the ER7 the most colorful Lifeguard Spine Board of its kind. Lifeguards from all around the USA and also the World are using the ER7 Lifeguard Backboard making it #1 among Lifeguards Worldwide!

  8. Lifeguard Products Excite Waterpark Show!

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    The World Waterpark Association will be hosting its annual Waterpark Trade Show in a few weeks in Las Vegas, Nevada. eLifeguard.com® will be on site displaying its many new and exciting innovative Lifeguard products. These exclusive new Lifeguard products are changing the Aquatics industry. The industry standard Seal Quik™ Mask, Lifeguard First Responder Bag, and the industry changing LIFE™ Rescue Tube are just a few of the lifeguard products that will be featured.

  9. Lifeguard Backboard Gets Colorful!


  10. Aquatics Directors Love Lifeguard Backboard!

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    Aquatics Directors from around the country are gathered this week in Indianapolis, Indiana. Many of those Aquatics Directors are using and love the Lifeguard industry leader in Lifeguard specific Spine Boards, the ER7 Backboard. This revolutionary backboard was recently featured in the American Red Cross Lifeguard Training Manual. The ER7 Backboard is available in a variety of colors and is the best quality Lifeguard Backboard on the market. The ER7 Surpasses the competition! Click here to find out more.

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