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  1. New LIFE RING Is Talk of Ohio Parks and Recreation Association (OPRA)

    The new USCG Approved LIFE RING™ is the talk of the Ohio Parks and Recreation Association (OPRA) in Sandusky, Ohio. This ground breaking new lifesaving device has been in development for several years and is now available for purchase. eLifeguard.com has been working with the United States Coast Guard for most of that time to insure that the new rescue LIFE RING buoy meets and or exceeds the USCG regulations for this type of lifesaving rescue device. Among its many innovative new features are the ultra-durable closed cell foam which will outlast old vinyl-dipped rings by years, and its molded in LIFE GRIPS™ that give victims and rescuers more surface area to hang on and hold on to. The LIFE RING is ideal for commercial and residential swimming pools, lakes, beaches, wat

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  2. Oregon Lifeguards Roll Out New Lifeguard Chair!

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    Oregon Lifeguards have been searching for a lightweight, portable Lifeguard Chair that is tall enough to watch a large water surface area. They have found it in the Portable Guard Station (LG 450). This innovative new Lifeguard Chair allows aquatics facilities to place their Lifeguard where the action is. The Portable Guard Station (LG 450) is the ONLY Tall Portable Guard Station on the Market!

    Recreation, Aquatics, and Lifeguard Staff from throughout Oregon met up this week in Sunriver for the annual conference of the Oregon Recreation & Park Association (ORPA).

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  3. Virginia Lifeguards Are Lovers Of These Lifeguard Products!

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    Virginia Lifeguards are highly trained and ever seeking the most innovative Lifeguard Products they can find. Lifeguards and Aquatics Personnel throughout Virginia and the rest of the country have fallen in love with the following cutting edge Lifeguard Products:

    LIFE™ Rescue Tube (Patented)

    Seal Quik™ Mask (Patent Pending)

    QuikPak™ Mask Holder

    Lifeguard First Responder Bag (Patent Pending)

    ER7 Lifeguard Backboard

    Virginia Recreation, Aquatics, and Lifeguard Staff Members from all across the Commonwealth are gathered together this week in Richmond to discuss innovative new products and practices in their field. The annual conference of the Virginia Recreation & Park Society takes place around this time each year.

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  4. Mississippi Lifeguards Are First To Aid!

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    Mississippi Lifeguards like other Lifeguards around the United States and the World are highly dedicated and devoted to the people they serve. Lifeguards are most often the First Responder on scene and the last to leave. A high quality First Aid Bag or Kit is essential to supporting a Lifeguard in their duty to help others. This Lifeguard First Aid Kit should be well stocked with exactly the items that a Lifeguard needs and not items that he or she doesn't need. It should be easily accessible. Lifeguards should also develop a system for replacing items as needed so that the First Aid items that Lifeguards use are always there when they need them.

    Lifeguards and other Recreation and Aquatics Personnel are gathering together this week in Oxford, Mississippi for the Mississippi Recreation and Park Association (MRPA) Conference to learn about innovations and new technologies in their field. Some new innovations in Lifeguarding over the past few years, that are generating excitement among Lifeguards, are the LIFE™ Rescue Tube, Seal Quik™ Mask, and the ER7 Lifeguard Backboard.

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  5. Lifeguard & Aquatics Innovation On Display At FRPA

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    Lifeguard and aquatics innovation were on full display at the Florida Recreation and Park Association Annual Conference and Trade Show this week in Orlando, Florida. As seen in the photo above, the industry changing LIFE™ Lifeguard Rescue Tube is now available in 3 sizes and a variety of new color combinations. The color combinations can used by Lifeguards & Aquatics Facilities to represent a various different things they may choose. For example, the Red / White LIFE Tube could signify that the Lifeguards are Red Cross trained or Red / Yellow could indicate USLA Lifeguard Training. Also, the colors could indicate various job titles such as Head Lifeguard or Guard of the Week.

    Everondack® Lifeguard Chairs were also on display now featuring a wide variety of styles and colors. Everondack Lifeguard Chairs lead the Lifeguard & Aquatics industry in innovation and features. The Lifeguard Chair in the photo is an exciting new color called "Aruba".

    Attendees also were given samples of Swimpants.com™ Disposable Swim Diapers. These Disposables can help keep aquatics facility patrons safer and protect Lifeguards and their aquatics facilities from liability.

    eLifeguard.com® is leading the United States and World in Lifeguard products innovation has many exciting new products in the works! Stay Tuned!

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  6. Florida Lifeguards Wanted At Recreation Conference!

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    Lifeguards and Aquatics Professionals will be meeting up at the Annual Conference of the Florida Recreation and Park Association this coming August in Orlando, Florida. eLifeguard.com will be displaying exciting new Lifeguard Products. A sampling of the new Lifeguard items being displayed at the Conference will be the Lifeguard industry changing new LIFE™ Rescue Tube and the Lifeguard industry standard Seal Quik™ Mask. Also, attendees will be able to see advances in Lifeguard Chair technology and Immobilization.

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  7. New Lifeguard Products Just In Time For IAAPA!

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    Are you excited about the upcoming lifeguard season at your waterpark or pool? You are going to love these exciting new Lifeguard Products unveiled just In time for IAAPA!

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