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  1. Lifeguard Watches Beverly Hills Housewives!

    View Rescue Tubes!

    So we just found out that one of our older model Lifeguard Rescue Tubes was being used by the Pool Party Lifeguard on latest airing of the TV Show "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills". Check out the logo. Pretty Cool! Click the link above to see how far Rescue Tubes have come since then.

  2. Are You Guard Of The Month?

    Guard On!

    Whether you are awarded Guard Of The Month or you are presenting another Lifeguard with the Guard Of The Month title, eLifeguard.com® has items that are perfect for the occasion.

  3. Hope You're Enjoying Shark Week This Year!

    Hope You're Enjoying Shark Week This Year!

  4. Lifeguards Love Shark Week!

    Shark Week is a great opportunity for lifeguards to tell swimmers about the dangers of marine life and the opportunities available to appreciate the marine environment.

  5. Giant Great White Shark Interupts Lifeguard Competition

    This past week a giant great white surfaced on the coast of a beach during a Lifeguarding Competition. It was a good thing that the lifeguards in the water were such great swimmers as to escape this terrifying situation.

    Disclaimer: This post is fake and not true.

  6. Happy Shark Week from eLifeguard.com!

  7. Happy Lifeguard Day!


    Happy Lifeguard Day! We here at eLifeguard.com® celebrate and honor lifeguards today! Thank you for your service and dedication to the safety of all citizens that go into the water.

  8. Need New YMCA Rescue Tubes?

    Are you a YMCA LIFEGUARD? Do you need new rescue tubes? Are you tired of the old style vinyl tubes wearing out so fast like the ones pictured above. Yep that's Duct Tape! We've all been there. But now those days are over. Join the vast majority of YMCAs, Waterparks, and other Aquatic Facilities all over the country that are switching to the new LIFE Rescue Tubes. They are guaranteed to last much longer than the old vinyl tubes. The old vinyl rescue tubes were invented in the early 1960s. That's over 50 years ago! Upgrade to a 21st Century LIFE Rescue Tube!

  9. Lifeguard Backboard Head Immobilizers In The Making!

    Head In The Right Direction!

    eLifeguard.com® Lifeguard Backboard Head Immobilizers are made to the highest levels of quality with unique ultra durable material that is second to none. After its recent appearance in the newest American Red Cross (ARC) Lifeguard Training Manual, this Head Immobilizer is now the best selling Immobilizer in the lifeguard industry.

  10. Free BAYWATCH Movie Poster With Every Order!

    Guard On!

    Hey Lifeguards and BAYWATCH Movie Fans, are you excited about the Baywatch Movie in theaters this month? eLifeguard.com® will be including a free BAYWATCH Movie Poster with every order now until the Movie Premier May 25, or while supplies last, courtesy of Paramount Pictures and Lifeguard TV®. Get your Poster today!

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