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  1. The Thin Strap Lifeguard Ultra Proback Adds Style to Your Lifeguard Uniform!


    The Thin Strap Lifeguard Ultra Proback adds style to your lifeguard uniform! With new & improved top quality chlorine-resistant material, fully lined, front and back and embroidered lifeguard logo included, you can't go wrong! Make this stylish suit part of your lifeguard uniform today!

  2. This Lifeguard Fin Belt Provides Fast and Easy Access to Your Fins!


    The Lifeguard Fin Belt is ideal for use with PDF Lifeguard Fins and most other standard adjustable fins. This heavy-duty adjustable Lifeguard Fin Belt is designed with two fin holders, for fast and easy access!

  3. The Lifeguard Beach Towel is a Necessity!


    The Lifeguard Beach Towel is a necessity! This heavy-duty velour lifeguard beach towel measures 30" x 60". Order one for each of your lifeguards!

  4. The Economy Pool Thermometer with Large Scoop is Great for Any Pool!


    The Economy Pool Thermometer with large scoop is great for any pool! This thermometer is accurate in telling temperature of the water. Perfect for any aquatic facility!

  5. The Lifeguard Mini Bag Pack is Perfect for Carrying Your Lifeguard Essentials!


    The Lifeguard Mini Bag Pack is perfect for carrying your lifeguard essentials! Its mesh fabric allows wet items to breathe for faster drying and has adjustable backpack strings and drawstring. Ideal for lifeguards everywhere!

  6. The Rescue Tube Rack is a Must-Have Accessory for Your Lifeguard Chair!


    The Rescue Tube Rack is a must-have accessory for your lifeguard chair! It is made from Recycled Plastic and can hold all rescue tube types! Purchase for your lifeguard chair today!

  7. The LIFE™ Rescue Belt Provides Convenience!


    The LIFE™ Rescue Belt provides convenience! It has 5 Metal Rings to be used for connecting the LIFE™ Tube and LIFE™ Tube accessories for easy access and rescue. Order for your aquatic facility today!

  8. The Lifeguard Adjustable Sun Hat Offers Maximum Protection From the Sun While Keeping You Cool!


    Are you looking for a Lifeguard hat that offers maximum protection from the sun while keeping you cool? Then look no further! This Lifeguard Adjustable Sun Hat is just what you're looking for! This high quality lifeguard sun hat has an adjustable cord lock and an embroidered lifeguard logo.

  9. The Lifeguard Trucker - Solid Color is the Perfect Addition to Your Lifeguard Uniform!


    The Lifeguard Trucker - Solid Color is the perfect addition to your lifeguard uniform! The Summer foam/mesh five panel cap is one size fits all and Includes a lifeguard logo! Perfect for lifeguards!

  10. These Color Coded Backboard Straps are Ideal for Lifeguards or Any Aquatic Professional!


    Backboard Straps are essential and these Color Coded Backboard Straps are ideal for lifeguards or any aquatic professional! This set of 4 color coded backboard straps comes with Blue (max 53"), Red (max 54 1/4"), Orange (max 55 1/2") and Yellow (max 57 1/2") and features 2" thick straps with a plastic buckle and loops on both ends. Order yours today!

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