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  1. Mini Rescue Tube Keychains Make Great Lifeguard Incentives!

    Mini Rescue Tube Keychains make great lifeguard incentives! These floating rescue tube key chains are perfect for keeping keys and whistles afloat! With Guard imprint and so many color options to choose from, these are a great way to show your appreciation for hardworking lifeguards!

  2. Wrist Flex Lanyards Make it Convenient for Lifeguards to Have Their Whistles Right at Hand!

    The Wrist Flex Lanyard, a wrist-style, flexible fit lanyard is perfect for allowing lifeguards to have their whistles right at hand! These Wrist Flex lanyards make great lifeguard incentives!

  3. The LIFE™ Whistle is a must-have!

    The LIFE™ Whistle is a must-have! The unique design of this three chamber pealess whistle emits a high-pitch, loud and shrill tone. No pea to become stuck and inhibit whistle sound! With so many color options, you'll find the perfect whistle! Ideal for lifeguards, lifeguard instructors, water safety personnel, referees, and teachers! 

  4. High Quality Metal Whistles are Perfect for Lifeguards!

    This high quality metal whistle,1 7/8" in length, with tapered mouthpiece is a great value! If you're looking for a great whistle for a great price, then this metal whistle is just what you need! Perfect for lifeguards or anyone needing a high quality whistle!

  5. Quality Nickel-Plated Brass Whistle for a Great Value!

    This Nickel-Plated Brass whistle is a must-have! It is a solid brass whistle, nickel plated for quality,1 15/16" in length, with tapered mouthpiece. This is a great whistle for a great value! Ideal for Lifeguards!

  6. Lifeguard Board Shorts, Great Quality for a Great Value!

    If you're looking for great quality boards short for a great value, these Lifeguard Board Shorts are just what you're looking for! These popular board shorts are made of 100% Sanded Polyester with double-stitched elastic/drawstring waist and 2 reinforced side pockets, with Lifeguard logo included. Perfect addition to your lifeguard uniform!

  7. Lifeguard "Classic" Board Shorts are Ideal for Any Aquatic Professional!

    Lifeguard "Classic" Board Shorts are ideal for any aquatic professional! Made of 100% Polyester, a strong soft fabric that dries quickly and 100% Nylon Lining with a super soft durable mesh liner. You'll find both durability and comfort wth these Classic Board Shorts!

  8. Lifeguard "Standard" Board Shorts are Ideal for Lifeguards!

    Are you looking for great quality lifeguard board shorts? Then these Lifeguard "Standard" Board Shorts are just what you need! Made of 100% Polyester, a strong soft fabric that dries quickly and features super soft durable mesh liner and embroidered lifeguard logo. These are ideal for Lifeguards or anyone looking for quality board shorts!

  9. The Lifeguard Rash Shirt is perfect for Lifeguards!

    The Lifeguard Rash Shirt will make a great addition to your lifeguard wardrobe! Features 6 oz 4-way stretch Nylon / Lycra with UPF 30+ protection, flat lock stitching with Lifeguard logo and back "LIFEGUARD" imprint, making it perfect for Lifeguards!

  10. Lifeguard Whistles are a Must-Have!

    Whistles are essential for every Lifeguard to have on hand and these Lifeguard Whistles are just what they need! The unique pealess design provides a high-pitched, loud and shrill tone and with many colors to choose from these whistles are a must-have!

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