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  1. CPRS Shows New Lifeguard Products!

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    Lifeguards and other Aquatics Professionals assembled in Long Beach, California this month at the California Recreation and Parks Society (CPRS) and were introduced to exciting new Lifeguard Products such as Skwim Fins and other information about the exciting new water sports game Skwim which is taking California Aquatics programs by storm. With the most recent Skwim system located at the City of Paso Robles. The exciting lifeguard industry changing LIFE™ Rescue Tube was also being introduced in the new 2 Color Model.

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  2. Lifeguard Uniforms Top Waterpark List

    Shop Lifeguard Uniforms!® Lifeguard Uniforms were featured in the most recent issue of World Waterpark Magazine. Pictured here at the top of the list of various suppliers, has a wide variety of Lifeguard Uniforms for both Women & Men Lifeguards!

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  3. Lifeguard Uses Footprint As Guide

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    This new Lifeguard Footprint is helping Lifeguards identify the best Lifeguard monitoring locations. It helps them to know that they are Lifeguarding in the correct location to save lives. The Lifeguard places the template in the desired location and paints the Lifeguard's footprint so that he or she will know exactly where to stand.

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  4. Lifeguard Backboard Strap Goes Wide!

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    As you may have noticed in the latest edition of the American Red Cross Lifeguard Training Manual, the Lifeguards in many of the ER7 & 5000 backboarding scenes use only the top strap to secure the victim or guest in distress. The Ultrawide™ Backboard Strap takes this maneuver a step further by widening the top strap for a significant increase in patient stability.

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  5. Water Fins Loved For Swim Versatility!

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    As many involved in water sports and game play are finding out, Skwim™ is creating a new, long awaited re-invigoration into the world of aquatics. One aspect that some may have overlooked is the amazing versatility of the game's footwear and the benefits that they can provide. In addition to being the go to footwear for their namesake sport, Skwim Fins are ideal for most every water activity, swim training, Masters Swimming, Learn-to-Swim, Swim Schools, Aquatic Fitness, Water Running, Open Water Swimming, Snorkeling, Small Wave Bodysurfing and much more.

    Skwim Fins are easy to pack, lightweight, great for water safety, and balance propulsion. They also provide correct biofeedback to the user on correct kick form and technique, and unlike any other fin on the market, they are great for all water strokes!

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  6. Lifeguards Rock Prom With Lifeguard Cufflinks!

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    Are you a Lifeguard? Do you want to make a statement at your upcoming Prom or formal event? Lifeguard Cufflinks are just the ticket! These high quality Lifeguard Cufflinks are made specifically for Lifeguards who are proud of their trade and want other to take notice.

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  7. California Lifeguards Love New Lifeguard Rescue Tube!

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    California Lifeguards are serious about Lifeguarding and demand the very best when it comes to the lifesaving equipment they use. Hundreds of thousands of Lifeguards across California and throughout the United States and worldwide are choosing the new industry changing LIFE™ Rescue Tube to be their lifesaving product. To see the LIFE™ Tube in action click here!

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  8. Is Your Lifeguard Rescue Tube A Biohazard?

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    Is your Lifeguard Rescue Tube a BIOHAZARD? According to a just released article from Lifeguard TV®, the answer is yes. In the videos a Lifeguard Instructor points out the obvious dangers of using the old style vinyl rescue tubes especially once they have been compromised by a small split or crack. The tubes become a BIOHAZARD when exposed to vomit, blood or other bodily fluids. The Lifeguard Instructor also notes the fact that most drownings involve some sort of vomiting or secretion of bodily fluids.

    The new LIFE™ Rescue Tube is not porous like the old style vinyl rescue tubes and thus not susceptible to these dangers.

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  9. New Jersey Lifeguards Discover New Maneuvers!

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    New Jersey Lifeguards, like hundreds of thousands of lifeguards across the United States and worldwide, are discovering the many exciting new lifeguard maneuvers that can be performed using the industry changing LIFE™ Rescue Tube.

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  10. Lifeguarding Is A Way Of Life!

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    Are you a Lifeguard? Do you live in the water? Do you smell like chlorine 99% of the time? Congratulations you are the real deal! You need to let everyone else know what you are all about by wearing Chlorine is My Cologne™ gear.

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