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  1. Lifeguard Chair Gets Round For Pools And Waterparks!

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    The New LG 7000 Round Platform Lifeguard Chair from Everondack® is a must have for swimming pools, waterparks, or other aquatic facilities that need extra mobility and ease of use. The unique round design of this highly functional lifeguard chair puts lifeguards right where they are needed most in the heart of the action, ready to make a rescue at a moment's notice. The lifeguard chair is made from recycled plastic so it is built to last. It also features wheels that allow it to be easily moved to a desired location.

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  2. Texas Pools Love Lifeguard Backboard!

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    Texas swimming pool operators are serious about patron safety. In order to ensure that their swimming pools are the safest, they hire the best trained lifeguards and provide them with the best most innovative equipment on the market. The ER7 Rescue Backboard is the best selling new Lifeguard Backboard used by Lifeguards worldwide. It was recently featured throughout the American Red Cross Lifeguard Training Manual and has superior features when compared to similar backboards.

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  3. Lifeguard Chair For Swimming Pool

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    Are you looking for a Lifeguard Chair for your Swimming Pool? Look no further! The LG 500 Lifeguard Chair is the perfect chair for any swimming pool and comes in a variety of exciting colors.

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  4. SKWIM Director Mentioned In Swimming World

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    Newly appointed SKWIM Executive Director Mark Rauterkus was mentioned in the latest edition of Swimming World Magazine. Click here to read the entire article.

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  5. We Know YMCA Lifeguards!

    Are you a YMCA Lifeguard? Do you operate a YMCA Aquatic Center? Our staff has been working with YMCA Aquatic Facilities and Lifeguards for over 30 years! We know and have in stock exactly what you need to operate a safe and successful Aquatic Facility, Swimming Pool, Waterpark, Open Waterfront, or YMCA Aquatic Camp. Click below to find out more:

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  6. New Water Sport Fun For Swimmers Of All Ages

    Go For A Skwim!

    Swimmers are catching on to the new water sports craze that is skwim. Finally there is now a water sports activity that is fun for swimmers of all ages and abilities!

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