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  1. The eLifeguard.com® Adult Life Vest (USCG Approved) Provides Excellent Flotation for Most Purposes!


    The eLifeguard.com® Adult Life Vest (USCG Approved) is an outstanding value and provides excellent flotation for most purposes! The vest is made of durable Crosstech® flotation foam with a nylon outer shell and the three adjustable belts enable this vest to fit most adults. Purchase for your facility today!

  2. The eLifeguard.com® Youth Life Vest (USCG Approved) is an Excellent General Purpose Vest for Youth!


    The eLifeguard.com® Youth Life Vest (USCG Approved) is an excellent general purpose vest for youth! Our Youth Vest is designed for young people weighing 50 - 90 lbs. This vest features three adjustable belts and is made from durable Crosstech® flotation foam.

  3. The eLifeguard.com® Child's Life Vest is a USCG Approved Type III Vest!


    The eLifeguard.com® Child's Life Vest is a USCG approved type III vest! This vest is designed for children weighing 30-50 lbs and has two adjustable belts and an adjustable leg strap. Made from durable Crosstech® flotation foam, this vest provides excellent flotation for most purposes.

  4. Why Settle for a Plain Lanyard When You Can Have the "eLifeguard.com" and "LIFEGUARD" Printed Lanyard!

    Why settle for a plain lanyard when you can have the "eLifeguard.com" and "LIFEGUARD" printed lanyard! This heavy-duty lanyard makes a great lifeguard incentive! Show your appreciation for hard working lifeguards with this great incentive!

  5. "eLifeguard.com" Printed Lanyard Makes a Great Lifeguard Incentive!

  6. Lifeguard Watches Beverly Hills Housewives!

    View Rescue Tubes!

    So we just found out that one of our older model Lifeguard Rescue Tubes was being used by the Pool Party Lifeguard on latest airing of the TV Show "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills". Check out the logo. Pretty Cool! Click the link above to see how far Rescue Tubes have come since then.

  7. Are You Guard Of The Month?

    Guard On!

    Whether you are awarded Guard Of The Month or you are presenting another Lifeguard with the Guard Of The Month title, eLifeguard.com® has items that are perfect for the occasion.

  8. Hope You're Enjoying Shark Week This Year!

    Hope You're Enjoying Shark Week This Year!

  9. Lifeguards Love Shark Week!

    Shark Week is a great opportunity for lifeguards to tell swimmers about the dangers of marine life and the opportunities available to appreciate the marine environment.

  10. Giant Great White Shark Interupts Lifeguard Competition

    This past week a giant great white surfaced on the coast of a beach during a Lifeguarding Competition. It was a good thing that the lifeguards in the water were such great swimmers as to escape this terrifying situation.

    Disclaimer: This post is fake and not true.

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