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  1. If You're Looking for an Ideal Way to Transport Your Stand Up Paddle Board, then this Stand Up Paddle Board Mule Carrier is Just What You Need!

    If you're looking for an ideal way to transport your Stand Up Paddle Board, then this Stand Up Paddle Board Mule Carrier is just what you need! It is ideal for rescue board transport! Don't delay! Order for your Stand Up Paddle Board today!

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  2. This SUP Paddle w/ Paddle Bag is Just What You Need for Your Stand Up Paddleboard!

    Are you looking for a quality paddle to use with your Stand Up Paddleboard? Then this SUP Paddle w/ Paddle Bag is just what you're looking for! The Paddle Bag keeps your paddle safe and makes it easy to carry with your paddleboard!

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  3. Lifeguards Keep Eyes On Victim!

    Shop LIFE™ Tubes!

    For Lifeguards it is essential to also keep "eyes on the victim"! This cannot be overstated. By maintaining constant eye contact on the victim (guest in distress), Lifeguards can avoid loosing sight of the victim and also monitor their condition as he or she approaches. The Surf Paddle Approach using the LIFE™ Rescue Tube allows Lifeguards to keep constant "eyes on the victim".

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  4. Lifeguards Paddle This Board!

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    Stand Up (SUP) Paddle Boarding is a growing trend among outdoor water sports enthusiasts. Lifeguards are looking at these Paddle Boards to help them saves lives.

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  5. Lifeguards Choose SUP Rescue Boards!

    What's SUP!

    Lifeguards are always looking for innovative ways to guard and save lives. Many lifeguards are choosing Lifeguard SUP Rescue Paddleboards to help them with this noble endeavor.

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  6. Surf Paddle™ Lifeguard Approach Speeds Ahead!

    https://www.elifeguard.com/life-rescue-tubeThe Surf Paddle™ approach is a revolutionary new lifesaving approach stroke that greatly reduces the time it takes a lifesaver to reach a drowning victim. Unlike other lifesaving approach strokes, in the Surf Paddle™ approach, the LIFE™ Rescue Tube is placed in a prone position under the rescuer which provides streamlined flotation and allows the rescuer to swim at a much greater speed. Also lifesavers using the Surf Paddle™ approach can easily transition from a Speed Entry™ or Sight Entry™ into the Surf Paddle™ position and then subsequently to a lifesaving maneuver. For more information about the Surf Paddle™ approach check out the videos below.

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