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  1. Lifeguard Blast From The Past! has been proudly outfitting Lifeguards and First Responders for half a century.  Pictured here is a Lifeguard stationed at a Lazy River.  The Lifeguard is using one of our original rescue tubes before the invention of the industry changing LIFE™ Rescue Tube.

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  2. New Rescue Tube Perfect For Waterparks

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    Waterparks have special needs when it comes to Lifeguarding and the use of Rescue Tubes. Many Waterpark Lifeguards use a longer 50" Rescue Tube to meet the specific needs of their Waterpark, Lazy River, or Zero Entry Pool. The Patented design of the LIFE™ Max Rescue Tube is perfect for Waterparks. The increased length and the molded in LIFE GRIPS™ allow Lifeguards to perform reach assists to victims (guests in distress) in a far superior manner than the old outdated vinyl tubes that have no grips and are often very slippery. In addition, the LIFE™ Rescue Tube will last much longer which will save Waterparks money.

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  3. New Lifeguard Chair Perfect For Waterparks

    The new Lifeguard Platform Chair is the ideal lifeguard chair for waterparks and lazy rivers. For these settings it is important for lifeguards to be close to patrons for quick and easy accessibility. The unique swivel seat and large platform give the lifeguard wide range of sight whether sitting or standing. The recycled plastic material is not only good for the environment but is much more cost effective than similar steel chairs that are subject to rusting. The Lifeguard Platform Chair is a must have for waterparks and similar aquatic feature swimming pools.

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