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    Check out the great selection of SKWIM™ products in our SKWIM™ Category! You'll find everything you need for SKWIM™! SKWIM™ is an exciting water game and is ideal for water safety, junior lifeguards, lifeguard training and recreation!

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  2. New Water Sports Game Making Waves!

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    SKWIM™ is an exciting new Water Sports Game that is taking off across the USA and around the World. SKWIM players are learning basic swim skills and also are developing skills that are essential to Drowning Prevention. SKWIM is now the fastest growing Water Sports game in the World and growing every day.

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  3. SKWIM, Exciting New Water Sports Game, Heading to Pittsburgh!

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    An evening of playing the official, aquatic game of SKWIM will be held Wednesday, April 12 at the historic indoor swimming pool in Pittsburgh. After the event all are invited to enjoy post-game socialization with local swim enthusiasts, national experts, and the game's inventor, Kevin McCarthy.

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  4. The Water Disk Game For Everyone!

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    There is finally an exciting water sport game for the whole community. Ages 5 through Seniors can all participate and have success and fun in the water. It's an amazing coed game as well as inter-generational. Play skwim™!

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