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  1. The Seal Easy® Replacement Valve is Essential to Have Available When a Replacement is Needed!

    The Seal Easy® Replacement Valve is essential to have available when a replacement is needed! It attaches to the Seal Easy® to complete the Seal Easy® Adult Mini Kit. Order yours today!

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  2. The Seal Easy® is a Uniquely Designed Resuscitation Mask!

    The Seal Easy® is a uniquely designed resuscitation mask that allows rescue breathing in or out of the water. It includes 1 mask and 1 valve. Perfect for lifeguards!

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  3. Seal Mask Pack With Easy Flip Closure!

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    The new Quik Pak™ is the perfect holder for the Seal Quik™ Mask Kit. It easily attaches to most Hip Pack or utility belts. The Quik Pak™ also attaches directly to the industry changing Patented LIFE™ Rescue Tube (No additional hardware needed).

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  4. Mask Seals Easy!

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    The Seal Quik™ Mask is now the best selling and most used easy seal mask! American Red Cross Lifeguards are now using the industry standard mask nationwide. The numerous superior mask features are second to none and make the Seal Quik Mask a favorite of Lifeguards worldwide.

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