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  1. Lifeguard Rescue Tube Used Worldwide!

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    Lifeguards all around the World have come to depend on the revolutionary new LIFE™ Lifeguard Rescue Tube! The LIFE Tube is used Worldwide in both swimming pool and ocean / lakefront locations. The photo above shows Lifeguards (Salvavidas / Guardavidas) at a Latin American Lifesaving Conference in Argentina, South America demonstrating the advantages of the LIFE Rescue Tube over the old vinyl coated tubes. Whether it be locations throughout South America or beyond, Lifeguards from all Lifesaving backgrounds throughout the World are now switching to the industry changing LIFE Rescue Tube faster than any other Lifesaving device.

  2. Lifeguard Chairs Headed To Central America

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    As economies grow in Central America, the safety and security of visitors and locales alike is becoming top priority. Lifeguards are tasked with the duty to keep swimmers safe and high quality Lifeguard Chairs are a very important part of that mission. Lifeguards in Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and Nicaragua are looking to eLifeguard.com® for these Lifeguard Chairs.

  3. eLifeguard.com in USLA American Lifeguard Magazine

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    eLifeguard.com® is proud to be a continual sponsor of the United States Lifesaving Association (USLA) through advertising in the American Lifeguard Magazine, presenting at annual events and board meetings, and offering discounted Lifeguard Supplies, such as Lifeguard Uniforms, Rescue Tubes, Rescue Boards, Lifeguard Chairs, and much more, to USLA Members.

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