Save Lives!

Wyatt Werneth, former Brevard County Ocean Rescue Chief, through a very fortunate set of circumstances, rescued 5 drowning victims in conjunction with military police. The near drownings occurred at Patrick Air Force Base Beach in Brevard County, Florida at about 7 pm local time Friday evening.

Werneth was driving along A1A in an unguarded area of Patrick Air Force Base and saw commotion and quickly pulled over and was told by responding officers that multiple drownings were occurring. As a trained Lifeguard and Waterman of over 35 years, Werneth grabbed his equipment which included a LIFE Rescue Tube and ocean rescue fins and his training took over. He immediately jumped in swimming straight to rescue the 5 victims. He stabilized the victims by having the 4 conscious ones grab hold of the rescue tube. The police officers proceeded out to the victims and help bring them in one by one. Werneth stabilized the unconscious victim and subsequently brought him to shore. Werneth later commented that he was amazed that the buoyancy of the LIFE Rescue Tube was sufficient, in this situation, to provide enough flotation for 5 people to stay above water.

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