The new Tourniquet Arm Trainer™ is attracting attention among attendees of the Florida International Medical Expo (FIME) 2023 this week in Miami Beach, Florida. This new first aid training device stands alone when compared to other product offerings available to first responders. The Tourniquet Arm Trainer™ is a much more durable and cost effective option than anything else currently on the market.  The patent pending design was created by our in house design team of former first aid / CPR instructors and lifeguard training instructors who are responsible for other industry changing innovations such as the Award Winning USCG Approved LIFE RING™, the lifeguard industry standard Seal Quik™ Resuscitation Mask, and the best selling LIFE™ Rescue Tube standard issue at aquatic facilities worldwide.

The Tourniquet Arm Trainer™ is made of an ultra-durable proprietary closed foam that emulates the touch and feel of human muscle and skin. This unique material does not absorb water or body fluids and is easy to clean and disinfect.  Features of the Tourniquet Arm Trainer™ include a packable wrist wound and an upper arm slash wound for direct pressure application.  The product's trademarked and patent pending COMPRESSION MATRIX™ inner core flexes and rebounds when tourniquet pressure is applied and released simulating anatomical body limb response when a tourniquet or direct pressure is used on a victim or patient.

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