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    Swim Near a Lifeguard!

    Picked up this great Lifeguard Bumper Sticker, put out by the USLA Southeast Region, at the United States Lifesaving Association (USLA) National Lifeguard Championships in Daytona Beach, Florida. Very smart advice! Swim Near a Lifeguard!


    Shop Now!

    The United States Lifesaving Association (USLA) National Lifeguard Championships are in full swing today in Daytona Beach, Florida. eLifeguard.com is on hand for the event to support Lifeguard competitors. eLifeguard.com is proud to support the USLA by advertising in the USLA American Lifeguard Magazine and sponsoring various Board Meetings and events.

  3. Trying to Eat Healthy at Lifeguard Competitions


    July and August are the peak time for USLA, Red Cross and other lifesaving agency lifeguard competitions. It is often difficult trying to eat healthy while on the road but we found a good option. Pictured here is a Spinach & Hummus Wrap from Peace in the Garden Restaurant in Rockledge, Florida. This saved the day while traveling to the USLA Southeast Region Junior Lifeguard Championship last weekend.

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