1. Lifeguard Backboard Gets Colorful!


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  2. ER7 Backboard Beats CJ6 Hands Down!

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    Are you wondering how the ER7 Backboard and the CJ6 Backboard stack up against each other?® sells both backboards but is discontinuing sales of the CJ6. In our side by side testing and review, we found that the ER7 has smoother and tighter constructed seams. The seems at the parting line of the CJ6 are more porous, potentially allowing for hazardous fluid absorption. The ER7 Strap System is color coded for ease of use. The CJ6 Head Bed has more parts which make it susceptible to breakage, which we have seen from time to time during years of selling the product. The Head Immobilizer on the ER7 is made from a much more durable plastic and has replaceable vinyl dipped foam blocks that will not absorb fluids unlike the CJ6 that has porous permanently attached foam blocks. The ER7 can be seen throughout the pages of the new American Red Cross Lifeguard Training Manual and is used by aquatics and lifesaving agencies worldwide.

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  3. ER7 or CJ6 Backboard?

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    Looking to get a new backboard for your aquatic facility? Trying to decide between the new ER7 and the CJ6 Backboards? We have both in stock and ready to ship. We have evaluated both backboards and are discontinuing the CJ6 after our current stock is depleted. The new ER7 has all the same features as the CJ6 but with some notable improvements. The ER7 Head Immobilizer System is considerably more durable and unlike the CJ6 has replaceable vinyl coated foam pads that will not absorb blood and other fluids. The color coded strap system of the ER7 also distinguishes it from the CJ6. As an aquatic industry professional you are always looking for the best quality most innovative technology to help you protect and save lives, therefor we recommend the ER7 Backboard for your aquatic facility!

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