1. This Kickboard Storage Rack is Perfect for Your Pool Deck or Storage Room!

    This Kickboard Storage Rack is perfect for your pool deck or storage room! It comes in 2 Sizes, Small (12-18 Kickboards) and Large (24-32 Kickboards). It is made of recycled plastic and is strong and sturdy!

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  2. Kickboard Storage Racking your Brain?

    Learn More!

    Are you racking your brain trying to find a storage solution for your kickboards? Well rack your brain no more and discover the Kickboard Storage Rack. Ideal for swimming pools and waterparks! Lifeguards and Aquatic Facility Managers love them because they help keep the deck area clean and organized. Swimmers love them because they know right where to get their kickboard.

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  3. Innovative Kickboard Glides Across Cocoa Beach!

    Shop GLIDE™ Kickboard!

    If you were out and about at Cocoa Beach, Florida this past weekend, you may have seen the innovative GLIDE™ Kickboard in action. This amazing surf style Kickboard can shred waves with the best of them. Uniquely design to glide across surf and water like a knife through hot butter, the GLIDE will never disappoint! Whether you are out Bodyboarding or Swim / Lifeguard Training, the GLIDE is the board for you. Shown above, the GLIDE Kickboard demonstrates a secure new place to store your swim goggles when not in use.

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  4. New Kickboard & Fins Revolutionize Surf BodyBoarding!


    The Patented designs of the GLIDE Kickboard and Surf Rescue Fins have opened up new possibilities in wave kick surfing. The unsurpassed speed and versatility of the GLIDE Kickboard, coupled with the incredible power and comfort of the Surf Rescue Fins, are presenting a new dimension in ocean sport and fun!

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  5. Gliding Waves At Cocoa Beach, Florida

    GLIDE On!

    We had a great time yesterday riding waves at Cocoa Beach, Florida using the GLIDE Kickboard. This innovative board is great for LIFEGUARD swim training and riding waves, too! Unlike other kickboards, the GLIDE can turn on a dime and has the unique patented thumb hole for maneuverability.

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