1. This Lifeguard Surf Straw Hat Protects You from the Sun and Also Keeps You Cool!

    If you're looking for a high quality Lifeguard Surf Straw Hat that protects you from the sun and also keeps you cool, then this is the one for you!  Includes an adjustable red cord lock and "LIFEGUARD" printed along red rim. Perfect for Lifeguards!

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  2. Protect Yourself in Comfort and Style With this Lifeguard Flexfit® Cap!

    Protect yourself in comfort and style with this Lifeguard Flexfit® Cap! This high quality stretch-fit, low profile, twill fitted lifeguard cap with embroidered lifeguard logo is perfect for Lifeguards! Order today!

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  3. This Basic Lifeguard Aussie Hat is Great for Lifeguards!

    With features such as adjustable cord, snap up brim and embroidered Lifeguard logo, this Basic Lifeguard Aussie Hat is anything but basic! Order today!

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  4. Lifeguards Love Lifeguard Cap!

    Shop Lifeguard Caps!

    Lifeguards are often out in the blazing Sun and elements for hours on end. It is essential that Lifeguards cover up with a quality Lifeguard Cap to protect against dangerous cancer causing UV Rays. Lifeguard Headwear is one of the more important pieces of equipment for Lifeguards. Whether it be a Lifeguard Hat or Cap, make sure to protect your all important head, face, and neck while Lifeguarding.

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  5. Hats Off To Lifeguard Visor!

    Hats Off!

    Lifeguard Hats of all kinds have always been an important part of a Lifeguard's Uniform. They help protect the Lifeguard's face from harmful UV Rays and give them enhanced vision in bright light conditions. A Lifeguard Visor provides both of these benefits while also allowing the head to breathe, and gives Lifeguards more hairstyle options.

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  6. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, White Out™!

    Hats On!

    Coming soon lifeguards will have a new place to hang their hats or at least a new hat to hang. Stay tuned for the White Out Trucker Foam Cap!

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