1. This Lifeguard Trucker - White Mesh Cap is Just What You're Looking For!


    Are you looking for a quality Lifeguard trucker hat? Then this Lifeguard Trucker - White Mesh cap is just what you're looking for! This summer foam/mesh five panel cap Includes lifeguard logo and is one size fits all. Perfect for any lifeguard!

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  2. Carry Your Lifeguard Essentials in this Convenient Lifeguard Mesh Bag!

    If you're looking for a more convenient way to carry your lifeguard essentials, then the Lifeguard Mesh Bag is just what you need! This personal lifeguard mesh equipment bag has adjustable backpack straps, drawstring and mesh fabric that allows wet items to breathe for faster drying.  Perfect for any lifeguard or aquatic professional!

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  3. Vinyl Rescue Tubes Are Super Disappointment!

    Upgrade Your Rescue Tubes!

    Lifeguards depend on their rescue device to save lives. Rescue tubes must always be in tip top shape to be able to handle the demands that lifesaving imposes upon them. Any rescue tube that is not up to the task can be a real potential hazard to the rescuer and the victim. It has been shown how exposed foam on old compromised vinyl rescue tubes that are cracking and splitting can absorb hazardous bodily fluids. Both vinyl and mesh and vinyl coated foam rescue tubes are both guaranteed to crack, split, and break down over time and have been a real pain to Lifeguards and Aquatics Professionals for years, every since their creation way back in the 1960s. Thanks to advances in technologies, Lifeguards now have new and improved, much better rescue devices that last considerably longer and have greater functionality.

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