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  1. Lifeguard Backboard Shows Its True Colors!

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    The #1 Best Selling Lifeguard Backboard just got better! The popular ER7 Lifeguard Backboard that was recently featured in the American Red Cross Lifeguard Training Manual just debited its exciting new colors. The new Lifeguard Spineboard colors are International Orange, First Aid White, and Waterman Blue. These new colors along with the original Safety Orange make the ER7 the most colorful Lifeguard Spine Board of its kind. Lifeguards from all around the USA and also the World are using the ER7 Lifeguard Backboard making it #1 among Lifeguards Worldwide!

  2. Lifeguard Spineboard To The Rescue!

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    The innovative lightweight stable ER7 Lifeguard Backboard, compared with other models on the market, has far superior features and is guaranteed to outperform and outlast them all!

  3. Lifeguard Spineboard Sets Quality Standard

    See What Makes The 5000 The New Industry Leader!

    The Emmobilize™ 5000 Lifeguard Spineboard is second to none in quality of the materials and construction. This backboard is a much improved version of a traditional lifeguard rescue backboard design. The backboard's improvements come after careful consideration and testing by lifeguards and extensive customer feedback. Pictured here is a recent order that is being custom made for an aquatic facility.

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