1. Lifeguard Rash T-Shirts Make a Great Addition to Your Lifeguard Wardrobe!


    Lifeguard Rash T-Shirts make a great addition to your lifeguard wardrobe! This short sleeve, 100% Polyester rash t-shirt with Lifeguard logo and back "LIFEGUARD" imprint included is perfect for lifeguards!

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  2. Want a Lifeguard T-Shirt for $2.99?

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    Hey Lifeguards! Is your Lifeguard T-Shirt showing some wear? Did you spill Chlorine on it? Is the white color now sweat gray? Solution - You need a new Lifeguard T-Shirt! Do you have 3 bucks handy? Throw in a few more items like a cool Lifeguard Cap and a Lifeguard Sweatshirt and you are getting Free Shipping to boot (Online Orders of $25+*).

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  3. Lifeguards Fall For New Color Shirt!

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    Lifeguards like to express themselves as much as the next person. For the fall season, a new color Lifeguards are falling for is Orange. Orange is a great color for fall and it just happens to be an internationally known safety color to boot!

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  4. Lifeguard Shirts Or Skins?

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    Lifeguard Shirts are a great way to protect your skin from the sun's damaging rays. They also identify you as a Lifeguard. There are many different styles, colors, and prints when it comes to Lifeguard Shirts. It is up to you as a Lifeguard to decide whether or not to go shirts or skins while on duty, and which is better for you and the protection of your skin!

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  5. Need a New Lifeguard T-Shirt?

    Lifeguard T-Shirt

    Lifeguard T-Shirts are an essential item for lifeguards to help them keep cool and also let facility patrons know that you are on duty and ready to help at a moments notice! To shop our large selection of Lifeguard T-Shirts click here:

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