1. This USA Lifeguard T-Shirt Makes a Great Addition to Your Lifeguard Wardrobe!


    This USA Lifeguard T-Shirt makes a great addition to your lifeguard wardrobe! "USA LIFEGUARD" printed on front in Red, White, and Blue. Order yours today!

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  2. USA & Costa Rica Unite To Save Lives!

    Save Lives!® has teamed up with the leading Lifesaving, Rescue, Scuba Supply Company in Costa Rica to make world renowned cutting edge Lifeguard products available to Costa Rica & Central American Lifeguards (Salvavidas). El Parais Azul has been distributing eLifeguard products for several years and have recently added to their offerings to satisfy their customers' needs. Most notably, El Parais Azul now has available the LIFE™ Rescue Tube in all 3 sizes and has made them available to such famous Costa Rica tourist destinations as the world renowned surf spot Jaco Beach, Costa Rica. The United Sates Embassy in Costa Rica along with the Cruz Roja Costarricense have made recent diligent efforts to promote water safety and prevent drowning at Costa Rican beaches such as Jaco Beach.

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  3. Is Your Lifeguard Staff Ready For Memorial Day Weekend?


    As you know, Memorial Day Weekend kicks off the Summer Season for many aquatics facilities across the US. Preparation usually starts months in advance and consists of many hours of hard work. Whether it be facility prep or #Lifeguard training, lifeguards are always up for the tasks at hand. Providing lifeguards with a stylish USA Lifeguard T-Shirt to wear is a great way to show lifeguards that you appreciate their dedication and hard work in preparation for Memorial Day Weekend. It also clearly identifies the presence of lifeguards to facility patrons for a professional look.

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