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  1. Lifeguards Get A Grip!

    Shop LIFE™ Tubes!

    Now that Lifeguards are switching from old vinyl rescue tubes to the Lifeguard industry changing LIFE™ Rescue Tube, they are discovering the innovative new features. One such feature of the LIFE Tube that Lifeguards love is the Patented Molded-In LIFE GRIPS™. LIFE GRIPS make holding on to the rescue tube easy for both Lifeguards and victims.

  2. How Do LIFE™ Rescue Tubes Assist Rescuers and Guests?

    Three LIFE™ Tube Assists

    When a lifeguard or rescuer reaches a conscious person requiring assistance, the LIFE™ Rescue Tube can be used in a variety of ways to get them the help they need.

    The Quik Assist™, Grip Assist™ and Push Assist™ provide LIFE™ Tube rescuers with a variety of assist options when performing a rescue. The speed, ease, and flexibility that these new LIFE™ Rescue Maneuvers allows further make the new LIFE™ Rescue Tube second to none.

    For a look at video featuring LIFE™ Rescue Tube Assist Maneuvers click here.

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