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As many involved in water sports and game play are finding out, Skwim™ is creating a new, long awaited re-invigoration into the world of aquatics. One aspect that some may have overlooked is the amazing versatility of the game's footwear and the benefits that they can provide. In addition to being the go to footwear for their namesake sport, Skwim Fins are ideal for most every water activity, swim training, Masters Swimming, Learn-to-Swim, Swim Schools, Aquatic Fitness, Water Running, Open Water Swimming, Snorkeling, Small Wave Bodysurfing and much more.

Skwim Fins are easy to pack, lightweight, great for water safety, and balance propulsion. They also provide correct biofeedback to the user on correct kick form and technique, and unlike any other fin on the market, they are great for all water strokes!

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