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  1. Lifeguards Love New Lifeguard Emoji Shirt!

    Get Your Shirt Today!

    eLifeguard.com® set out to make a custom lifeguard emoji for lifeguards. It is way cool for lifeguards and is now available as a Lifeguard Emoji T-Shirt.

  2. South Atlantic Lifesaving (SALA) Competition Comes To Jacksonville

    It's In The Bag!

    eLifeguard.com was on hand to cheer on the Lifeguard competitors this week at the South Atlantic Lifesaving Association (SALA) Regional Competition in Jacksonville, Florida. The official competitor bags were provided by eLifeguard.com. Go SALA Competitors!

  3. eLifeguard.com® to Exhibit at USLA Fall Board of Directors Meeting

    eLifeguard.com® will be exhibiting at the USLA Fall Board of Directors Meeting and Educational Conference in Waikoloa Beach, Hawaii from 11/12/2015 to 11/14/2015.

    Hawaiian Lifeguard

    Hawaiian Blog Image

    eLifeguard.com® will be meeting with ocean lifeguards from around the country beginning 11/12/2015 at the USLA Fall Board of Directors Meeting and Educational Conference.  Among the many new surf rescue products that eLifeguard.com® will be introducing at the event will be the LIFE™ Rescue Tube along with its many new accessories designed specially for ocean rescue.

    Hawaiian Lifeguard Products

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