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  1. This Unique Hawaii Lifeguard Bumper Sticker Makes a Perfect Gift or Lifeguard Incentive!


    This unique Hawaii Lifeguard Bumper Sticker makes a perfect gift or lifeguard incentive! Dimensions are 9 1/4" x 3 3/4". Order for yourself or as a gift!

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  2. This Gray Ghost® Destination Series Fly Fishing Cap - Hawaii is a Must-Have!


    This Gray Ghost® Destination Series Fly Fishing Cap - Hawaii is a must-have! Features an embroidered design of the Hawaiian Flag on the Crown and matching bonefish logo and Gray Ghost's® proprietary Flex Adjust™ fit ensures long lasting comfort and individually adjusted fit. Makes a perfect gift!

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  3. Affleck Sports Lifeguard Rescue Tube!

    View Rescue Tubes!

    Recently sighted in Hawaii, Ben Affleck was training for the new NETFLIX Film TRIPLE FRONTIER. Affleck was using an eLifeguard.com® Lifeguard Rescue Tube. The Rescue Tube that he was using was one of the old vinyl coated foam models which was replaced several years ago by the revolutionary new LIFE™ Rescue Tube. Way to go Ben! Keep up the training and good luck with TRIPLE FRONTIER!

    Affleck discussed the above photo and NETFLIX film on The Ellen Show. Click here to watch the video clip.

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  4. LIFE Rescue Tube Ready for Surf Rescue!

    Surf On!

    The LIFE Rescue Tube, shown here on a Hawaii surf rescue jet ski, is ideal for ocean surf rescue conditions. The unique patent pending design features first of its kind LIFE GRIPS that allow both rescuers and victims to hold on super tight in rough open water conditions.

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  5. Honolulu, Hawaii Lifeguards Trying Out New LIFE Rescue Tube

    Find Out More!

    Lifeguards in Honolulu, Hawaii are trying out the new LIFE™ Rescue Tube. Benefits of the new tube that they are looking at for their unique extreme surf conditions are the long term durability of the tube as well as the new LIFE GRIPS™. Other potential benefits are the many new exclusive LIFE™ Tube maneuvers that are ideal for open water. Examples include the DUCK DIVE, SURF PADDLE™, and the SURF OUT™.

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  6. eLifeguard.com® to Exhibit at USLA Fall Board of Directors Meeting

    eLifeguard.com® will be exhibiting at the USLA Fall Board of Directors Meeting and Educational Conference in Waikoloa Beach, Hawaii from 11/12/2015 to 11/14/2015.

    Hawaiian Lifeguard

    Hawaiian Blog Image

    eLifeguard.com® will be meeting with ocean lifeguards from around the country beginning 11/12/2015 at the USLA Fall Board of Directors Meeting and Educational Conference.  Among the many new surf rescue products that eLifeguard.com® will be introducing at the event will be the LIFE™ Rescue Tube along with its many new accessories designed specially for ocean rescue.

    Hawaiian Lifeguard Products

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