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  1. New Lifesaving Entry To Be Revealed!

    Learn More!

    New lifesaving entry using the new LIFE™ Rescue Tube to be revealed. The unique form factor of this revolutionary new rescue tube is providing for the creation of a multitude of industry changing new lifesaving maneuvers. Stay Tuned!

  2. Honolulu, Hawaii Lifeguards Trying Out New LIFE Rescue Tube

    Find Out More!

    Lifeguards in Honolulu, Hawaii are trying out the new LIFE™ Rescue Tube. Benefits of the new tube that they are looking at for their unique extreme surf conditions are the long term durability of the tube as well as the new LIFE GRIPS™. Other potential benefits are the many new exclusive LIFE™ Tube maneuvers that are ideal for open water. Examples include the DUCK DIVE, SURF PADDLE™, and the SURF OUT™.

  3. How Do LIFE™ Rescue Tubes Assist Rescuers and Guests?

    Three LIFE™ Tube Assists

    When a lifeguard or rescuer reaches a conscious person requiring assistance, the LIFE™ Rescue Tube can be used in a variety of ways to get them the help they need.

    The Quik Assist™, Grip Assist™ and Push Assist™ provide LIFE™ Tube rescuers with a variety of assist options when performing a rescue. The speed, ease, and flexibility that these new LIFE™ Rescue Maneuvers allows further make the new LIFE™ Rescue Tube second to none.

    For a look at video featuring LIFE™ Rescue Tube Assist Maneuvers click here.

  4. Surf Paddle™ Lifeguard Approach Speeds Ahead!

    https://www.elifeguard.com/life-rescue-tubeThe Surf Paddle™ approach is a revolutionary new lifesaving approach stroke that greatly reduces the time it takes a lifesaver to reach a drowning victim. Unlike other lifesaving approach strokes, in the Surf Paddle™ approach, the LIFE™ Rescue Tube is placed in a prone position under the rescuer which provides streamlined flotation and allows the rescuer to swim at a much greater speed. Also lifesavers using the Surf Paddle™ approach can easily transition from a Speed Entry™ or Sight Entry™ into the Surf Paddle™ position and then subsequently to a lifesaving maneuver. For more information about the Surf Paddle™ approach check out the videos below.

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