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water sports

  1. New Water Sport Fun For Swimmers Of All Ages

    Go For A Skwim!

    Swimmers are catching on to the new water sports craze that is skwim. Finally there is now a water sports activity that is fun for swimmers of all ages and abilities!

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  2. New Skwim Fins Will Change Water Sports Forever

    Water Sports Reinvented!

    The new Full Foot Skwim Fins will change the water sports industry forever. These new Fins are to water game play as bowling shoes are to bowling. They are essential! They will alter the manner in which water sports and games are played. The soft pliable proprietary rubber material is considerably more comfortable than that of other old style fins. The enhanced performance that these Fins provide will make your game of skwim, water polo, or whichever other water sport it may be, faster and more fun.

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    #water sports, #skwim, #full foot, #fins
  3. New Skwim Fins Provide Amazing Water Sports Performance!

    Play Skwim™!

    Get ready to have amazing water sports fun with Skwim™! Skwim is taking the water sports world by storm. Aquatic facilities around the globe are having great fun and learning about water safety at the same time. Now it is even easier to play Skwim with new full foot Skwim Fins that are super easy to put on and provide incredible water kick performance!

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    #water sports, #skwim, #Safety, #performance, #fins, #facilities, #aquantic
  4. Another Skwim Water Sports System Going Out!

    Play Skwim™!

    Another Skwim™ Water Sports Game System is heading out to an eager group of water enthusiasts! Skwim™ is now the fastest growing water sports game in America and soon to be worldwide. eLifeguard.com® is proud to be the official distributor of Skwim™ Products worldwide!

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    #water sports, #system, #skwim
  5. SKWIM, Exciting New Water Sports Game, Heading to Pittsburgh!

    Play SKWIM!

    An evening of playing the official, aquatic game of SKWIM will be held Wednesday, April 12 at the historic indoor swimming pool in Pittsburgh. After the event all are invited to enjoy post-game socialization with local swim enthusiasts, national experts, and the game's inventor, Kevin McCarthy.

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